Toxicity is a hidden and pervasive problem, muddying our clarity of being and impeding our ability to achieve optimal health. The terrible truth is that a large portion of the population is afflicted with environmental toxicities, yet completely unaware. In fact, toxicity underlies the increase in many chronic health issues, and sadly, people, including many healthcare providers, aren’t making the connection between the two. This is an overarching problem, fueling Quicksilver Scientific’s mission to educate people and provide health solutions.

Targeted detoxification protocols are fundamental to Quicksilver Scientific and the purpose of continued development and innovation. These detoxification protocols are directed at the various sources of toxicity that may burden the body, i.e. chronic infections, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, plastic-related compounds, and mold. Each of the Quicksilver Scientific detoxification protocols has a slightly different focus of action in the body, whether it be to provide enhanced support for liver function, “unblocking” the glutathione system, or to promote gastrointestinal elimination. The signature liposomal and nanoemulsified nutraceuticals, developed using Quicksilver Delivery Systems™, differentiate the Quicksilver detoxification programs from any other detoxification system on the market, enabling enhanced cellular delivery and systemic action, which is necessary to support the body in eliminating these ubiquitous toxins.

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