A Warm Welcome for Purative Customers



Quicksilver scientific

Dear Purative & Water & Wellness Customers:

Welcome to Quicksilver Scientific LLC.  Purative and Quicksilver is now working as sister companies and we welcome you to our website. Here, you can learn all about our products, our various detox protocols, our advanced testing services and purchase our products at our Practitioner's Wholesale Store.  Please use the credentials sent to you to LOGIN to your account. Click Here to Login.  Once you login, you will be taken to our Wholesale Store automatically.

Quicksilver Scientific and PuRxpressions products are sold wholesale to medical practitioners (dentists, doctors, osteopaths, naturopaths, etc.), reps, wholesalers and distributors. The Practitioners Section of the website allows full access to Our Store. Once logged into the Practitioner’s Section, you will see a new submenu under Our Wholesale Store that includes technical information for Practitioners. All of our products are available for wholesale there, including all Quicksilver Scientific and PuRxpressions products.

NOTE: We only sell wholesale products by the cases. The minimum order of any shipment is one case, each containing 12 product items (e.g., the minimum order of Glutathione is one case of 12 bottles). The exception is IMD 6g, which is only sold by cases of four (case of 4 bottles). The price listed for each product is the wholesale price. 

If you want to purchase products on a single-item basis, they are sold retail at PuRxpressions.com/store.   If you are a Practitioner and need less than a case, please e-mail webinfo@quicksilverscientific.com or call +1-415-310-5796 and place your order via phone with our Web Admin. Also our Webinars are available for sale to all users—Registered Practitioners and general public. Please visit www.quicksilveracademy.com for all past Webinars for sale.