Please note, the turnaround time for results is currently 2 – 3 weeks from the date that the Quicksilver Scientific laboratory receives the samples.

The complete instructions for performing your test are included with the kit. If you need an additional copy of these instructions, you may find them here Blood Metals Panel Instructions / Mercury Tri Test Kit Instructions Please read ALL instructions prior to beginning your test. You also should have received a Patient Requisition Form (PRF) from your provider or with your kit. You may find an additional copy of the PRF here. Be sure to complete everything on the PRF, including which test you are submitting and method of payment. The completed PRF must be returned in the box with your samples, as we are unable to analyze them without this form.

There are some timelines which are important to note when completing your test kit. For accurate test results, you must NOT eat seafood or fish products (excluding fish oils if less than 1 g) for 48–72 hours prior to collecting your blood sample. For best results, urine and blood samples should be taken within 24 hours of each other and no later than 48 hours of each other. Samples must be shipped back to Quicksilver Scientific on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. If they arrive over the weekend, we will not be open to receive them. If you are unable to collect and ship samples on these days, refrigerate samples (do not freeze) until they can be shipped. Keep tracking information for reference.

For collection of the blood specimen, Quicksilver Scientific recommends for patients to go to their practitioner, a clinical laboratory, or a local hospital. You will be responsible for any additional fees. If you are going to a separate collection site (not your practitioner’s office) for your blood draw please call them to confirm that they offer blood draw service for tests they do not carry. Additionally, some phlebotomy laboratories may require that they ship the sample directly to us rather than release it back to you. Ask if you need to bring your kit, including hair and urine samples and the shipping materials with you, so that they can package your sample and ship it from the location.