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Deuterium levels (δ2H) in the body are an important biomarker of our health, just as important as knowing your cholesterol, glucose, body fat, and other biomarkers. A deuterium depleted lifestyle is quickly becoming the most important strategy for optimal health and longevity. This easy-to-use saliva test is the ideal way to measure total body burden of deuterium.

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Deuterium Level Saliva & Water Tests

The amount of deuterium in the body is an important biomarker of health and longevity, so if you are currently on a deuterium depletion protocol or are just getting started it is important to know your total body burden of deuterium.
This easy to use saliva test can be done at home, takes just a few minutes and delivers fast and accurate results.
Simply order a test kit, follow the instructions, mail back the sample in the prepaid envelope and in 10-14 days you will receive your results by email. All results are secure and confidential.
Testing is done in a CLIA licensed laboratory using the LGR Triple Isotopic Analyzer, providing best in class accuracy for measurement of deuterium.

Want information on how to support a deuterium depleted lifestyle?

The QS Way


Discovered more than a century ago by renowned biologist René Quinton, Quinton/QuintEssential is pure seawater harvested from protected plankton blooms by Laboratories Quinton, following strict protocols established by  Frenchman René Quinton (1866-1925), It is cold-stelirzed to retain its healing  properties, delivering naturally sterile, biovailable minerals and marine-rich complexes to your cells. These protocols ensure that the product if of the highest quality and purity.  


As the world’s smallest and most mobile molecule, hydrogen can rapidly diffuse into our cells, mitochondria and fluids in the body to support energy and antioxidant benefits. H2 Elite contain magnesium, a vital mineral used throughout our bodies. With unique, patent pending combination of all-natural minerals, H2 Elite sets the bar for hydrogen supplements.   


We use a holistic approach between science and nature to help individuals achieve mind and body health. Our products and protocols are designed to help unburden you of toxins and attain a state of wellbeing that will transform your approach to health. 


Superior Absorption

Liposomes protect nutrients to help prevent breakdown by stomach acid and facilitate intracellular delivery. *

Smaller, Better Liposomes

Many liposomal products have large particles that absorb poorly. Our particles fall in an industry-leading 50-100nm range.

Immediate Effects

Our liposomes are so small they begin absorbing as soon as they hit the mouth.

The Difference Is Clear

Find out why Quicksilver Scientific liposomal delivery means better, faster results.


Our Self-Emulsifying Delivery System encapsulates premium formulas in an easy to take capsule.  

The ingredient in our capsule formulas emulsify upon contact with your digestive system juices.

In a matter of minutes, the capsule contents are rapidly transported across your gut and into your bloodstream 

The Difference Is Clear

Find out why Quicksilver Scientific liposomal delivery means better, faster results.

How To Use

Includes complete protocol instructions.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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