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Take Back Summer: Wellness Essentials

It’s summer! And you may find that you have a little more time on your hands. Why not seize the season to work on your wellness? There are some simple but profound shifts you can make in your health practices right now. Let’s explore three that will set you up for tackling all of summer’s adventures with ease — and energy.


1. Upgrade your hydration.

Sure, we all know that in the warmer months, we sweat more, whether we’re working out or just strolling around in the heat and humidity. That means our bodies need more water just to keep them going all day. But water is just the start of a solid hydration plan. 

 There are some great ways you can supplement to replace the critical elements you lose when you sweat. Mineralization is the buzzword for just this. Your body is constantly depleting key trace minerals that it counts on to sustain energy throughout the day — even more so in the summer.

The easiest way to replenish these is through remineralization supplements, such as Quinton. Quinton is a natural mineral-loaded marine concentration first sourced from a protected, plankton-rich ocean blooms off the coast of France by biologist Rene Quinton. Today this liquid supplement, containing 70+ bioavailable ionic minerals, is cold-sterilized to retain its healing properties and used as a safe and effective daily replenishment.

Molecular hydrogen or H2, is another “innovation” designed to keep your body in top shape this summer. H2 supports the same beneficial metabolic pathways that are activated through healthy and consistent exercise, making it an “exercise mimetic.”

The most potent form —hydrogen gas — can now be captured in effervescent form. One molecular hydrogen tablet dissolved in a glass of water can take your health status up a notch before a workout or as a recovery aid after exercise. It’s also a natural antioxidant and great to take daily all summer long.


2. Add energy for summer days — and nights.

With more daylight hours to take advantage of we tend to pack in more activities than ever during the summer. All of a sudden there’s time for early-morning workouts, evening bike rides, plus all the extended vacation days we squeeze in between just enough work. To do it all we often need something to help us sustain energy levels over the course of long days — and nights.

 The beautiful thing is – we can easily add a number of energizing and natural adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, and minerals to our daily health routines. CoQ10 and PQQ, B vitamins, and adaptogens are a few supplements worth considering to take you from exercise – to work – to late nights out with friends.

First up is taking care of our mitochondria — our cells’ energy-producing factories. That’s where CoQ10 and PQQ, which you can now take through liquid nanoparticles, come in. CoQ10 is a co-factor that dramatically affects the capacity mitochondria has to produce energy. Its counterpart, pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), helps protect mitochondria against the oxidative damage that naturally occurs in the body.

B vitamins are a well-known factor in supporting energy levels in the human body as well. And some people just need more of them to get the same level of energy as others. B-12, especially when taken in a fast-acting methylated form, is tied to energy and mood support. You can also take a B-complex supplement, which typically combines a suite of B vitamins that work synergistically on sustaining energy levels.

The key is to take B vitamins in a form that your body can recognize and use. Many B vitamin capsules lose absorption in the gut once swallowed. To ensure you get the most from your B vitamin complex, look for a liposomal B vitamin supplement that can get quickly into the bloodstream and cells, bypassing breakdown in the gut.

Last, but certainly not least, adaptogenic herbs such as ginseng and rhodiola can fill energy voids that you never knew existed. The phytonutrients found in nature are there for a reason. When we can tap this natural potential by ingesting herbs that adapt to our body’s needs, these wonders can trigger a healthy stress response to keep us resilient and powered all summer long.


3. Sleep better.

We can all work on getting better sleep, something that science is steadily tying to our holistic health as humans on this planet. We simply can’t operate at full capacity without consistent shut-eye. Matthew Walker’s book Why We Sleep covers many of the profound things our bodies and minds do while we sleep — and why most of us are short on it.

 So how can we get more Zs, especially when the long daylight hours of summer throw a wrench in our efforts? Melatonin and CBD are two of the leading supplements that work with the body’s natural processes and chemistry to induce and sustain sleep, even when modern stressors make it that much harder.

The body already produces melatonin, a chemical that works to balance circadian rhythm and support natural sleep cycles. Supplementing with melatonin, particularly in a bioavailable form that the body can use, is worth trying. When combined with botanicals like skullcap and passionflower, melatonin blends can also take your rest time to a new level of wellness.

CBD is everywhere and is used for its benefits to the body’s rest-and-reset neurotransmitters. Many people now take CBD formulated for sleep, which includes the natural properties in full-spectrum hemp extract that work on calming the body, plus complimentary nutrients that interact with the endocannabinoid system as well as serotonin and GABA receptors to influence a more restorative sleep.

Hydration, energy, rest: These are primal functions of the human body. Summer naturally depletes us of these critical elements. It’s nothing personal. But elevating wellness during this season does require some assistance. Luckily, modern supplements come in advanced forms that can keep our minerals, mitochondria, and minds operating at max capacity. Here’s to a summer of adventure!

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