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How To Choose a Quality Glutathione Supplement

June 16, 2023


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It is well known that glutathione is the body’s most powerful antioxidant helping to safeguard the body from free radicals while supporting detoxification, immunity, anti-aging and more. But how do you know which glutathione supplement to select?





For glutathione supplementation to be beneficial, it needs to get into cells easily. This is where glutathione and many other supplemental compounds do their magic. However, getting compounds like glutathione into cells intact isn’t as easy as you may think. Here’s why:


When taking supplemental glutathione as a powder or capsule, the body naturally breaks it down during the digestive process into glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid – glutathione’s three amino acid constituents. Once in the cell, the body must take these amino acids and rebuild the glutathione molecule. You can imagine the number of things that can go awry during this process!


The better idea would be to find a supplemental delivery method that bypasses digestion, keeping the glutathione molecule intact. This is where IV or liposomal delivery methods are appealing. For these delivery options, glutathione is added to an aqueous solution.


While IV therapy is an effective way to get glutathione into cells, it has downsides – IV’s are costly and inconvenient, not to mention invasive – which are common barriers to building any habit or routine.


Liposomal delivery is another effective way to get supplemental glutathione into the body intact and unlike IV’s, you can do it in the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost.




Liposomal technology is a delivery method for drugs and supplementation that has been around since the 1970’s. It got its start in the pharmaceutical space as an effective and safe way to deliver various drugs directly to cells, avoiding digestion and first pass liver metabolism.


Liposomes are basically tiny little bubbles or spheres that are made up of water- and fat-soluble compounds that house and ‘carry’ substances to cells through oral delivery. The critical aspect of liposomes is their stability and size. They must hold their shape and be microscopic in size to effectively get into the cell.


This science isn’t new but only in the past decade have we seen liposomes being used in supplementation. Delivering a compound like glutathione directly to the cell using liposomal technology has really changed the game for replenishing glutathione levels in the body. But buyer beware, there are certain things you want to look for in a quality liposomal glutathione supplement.





Unfortunately, many manufacturers are selling liposomal glutathione that is severely degraded. This may have to do with the quality and construction of the liposome, or the fact that aqueous-based glutathione quickly degrades without proper refrigeration. Take note, if you find a liquid glutathione that claims to be shelf stable (meaning it doesn’t require refrigeration), check what preservatives or additives are being used and be prepared to be throwing away your money.

We compared 5 liposomal glutathione brands and found that many fell significantly below label claim.




Visual cues can show instability as well as liposome sizing. Liposomes less than 100nm are transparent, whereas those in the 200-400nm range are thick and opaque. Large particle sizing found in goopy, thick and opaque products means less uptake and absorption into cells. Any creaming (fats from the phospholipids rising to the top) or sedimentation (insoluble components falling to the bottom) are signals of instability and improper formulation. Beware of products that say “shake before using” as this is a telltale sign of an unstable and improperly manufactured liposome.





At Quicksilver, we’ve perfected liposomal delivery technology making small and stable particles using high-grade, quality ingredients. We ensure this by manufacturing our products in-house using tight, iterative quality controls so that each batch is consistent and meets our rigorous standards. And this makes a huge difference in absorption outcomes of our Liposomal Glutathione, which translates to more consistent, measurable results.





Not all liposomal glutathione supplements are created equal. Quality, chemistry, and manufacturing practices matter. When selecting a glutathione supplement, be sure to select a refrigerated option to help ensure stability – and don’t forget to look at the clarity of your product to visually determine particle size and assess bioavailability effectiveness.



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