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CBD Certificates Of Analysis (COA)

See below for PDF downloads of Certificates of Analysis (aka COA or CofA) for our CBD Synergies line, Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract, Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract and Colorado Hemp Oil.

If you have any questions, please use our website chat or send an email to  [email protected]

Click the below links to view/download Certificates of Analysis


Lot AMS1903

Lot AMS1902

Lot AMS1901


CBD Synergies – AX (Calming Formula):

Lot CBSAX2002

Lot CBSAX2001

Lot CBSAX1901


CBD Synergies – PN (Relief Formula):

Lot AIS1903

Lot AIS1902

Lot CBSAIS1901


CBD Synergies – SP (Sleep Formula):

Lot CBSSP2002

Lot CBSSP2001

Lot CBSSP1901


Full Spectrum CBD:

Full Spectrum – Lot FSHO2005

Full Spectrum – Lot FSHO2004

Full Spectrum – Lot FSHO2003

Full Spectrum – Lot FSHO2002

Full Spectrum – Lot FSHO2001

Full Spectrum – Lot FSHO1905

Full Spectrum – Lot FSHO1904

Full Spectrum – Lot FSHO1903

Full Spectrum – Lot FSHO1902

Full Spectrum – Lot FSHO1901


Broad Spectrum CBD:

Broad Spectrum – Lot BSHO2004

Broad Spectrum – Lot BSHO2003

Broad Spectrum – Lot BSHO2002

Broad Spectrum – Lot BSHO2001

Broad Spectrum – Lot BSHO1903

Broad Spectrum – Lot BSHO1902

Broad Spectrum – Lot BSHO1901


Colorado Hemp Oil:

Colorado Hemp Oil – Lot CHO1902

Colorado Hemp Oil – Lot CHO1901

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