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Quicksilver Scientific LLC Medical & Health United States Are you looking for a scientifically advanced health supplement wholesaler? We sell mercury detoxification and heavy metal tests as well as liposomal products. Monday to Friday: 08:00AM-5:00PM



Quicksilver Newsletter

Sign up for the Quicksilver Scientific newsletter and receive regular updates on what's new with the company, including new research, new products, and new analytical insights relating to the Mercury Tri-Test and Blood Metals Test. Quicksilver Scientific is a laboratory at its core, with research and development driving the evolution of the company. The Quicksilver newsletter offers a window into how we do things and why. They also offer some personal insight into how our CEO and Founder, Dr. Christopher Shade, thinks and prioritizes. He speaks all over the country and is always discovering new ways to apply liposomal delivery of beneficial phytochemicals. The company may have been founded on the back of Dr. Shade's patented Mercury Tri-Test, but our liposomal supplements are driving our growth. The newsletters also announce the dates of each new -- and free! -- webinar. And the newsletters often include promotional codes for product discounts. Join the family, as we all work towards optimal health!