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Thank you for your interest in learning more about Quicksilver Scientific’s patented Mercury Tri-Test along with our other testing, products and protocols.  

Practitioner Test For Mercury

We hear from so many practitioners and patients regarding their health journey and challenges.  The human body is complicated and there may be a myriad of issues occurring that require one or more highly trained health practitioners to work through the complexity of it all.  Mercury toxicity can cause complicated and elusive symptoms that are still sometimes hotly debated.  No one doctor knows it all and we empathize with your situation.

Each time we hear from patients, it further encourages us to train as many doctors on the testing, products and methods developed by Dr. Christopher Shade, PhD.   Dr. Shade is not an MD and legally cannot offer medical advice or treat patients.  (This is solely within the authority of a healthcare practitioner.) However, Quicksilver Scientific is a clinical laboratory, which healthcare practitioners can use as a valuable resource, along with other testing methods to make an informed medical diagnosis and treatment plans, which requires ongoing monitoring.

Please encourage your practitioner to contact us to become trained on the Quicksilver Scientific testing, protocol and products.   Dr. Shade does a thorough job of teaching healthcare practitioners how to read the test results.   If you need a list of practitioners trained by Dr. Shade, we will be happy to provide them to you.   Each month we add to our list of trained doctors on our Practitioner Locator.  And please check the events calendar for upcoming conferences, trainings and webinars.

We are always encouraged to encounter enlightened practitioners and patients, who seek options and do the research. Your best health advocate is always YOU. And testing for mercury and other heavy metals is a great investment. We wish you the best on your health journey and hope to support you! 


Stay tuned to this section.  We will soon be adding videos, webinar schedule and training opportunities...