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Nutraceutical Company is Changing How We Take Supplements


Using pharmaceutical-grade liposomal technology, Quicksilver Scientific is helping people reach optimal health


Lafayette, Colorado – (January 26, 2017) – World-renowned expert in detoxification and liposomal delivery systems, Dr. Christopher Shade, PhD, and Quicksilver Scientific, have found the next major technology in nutraceutical delivery systems. The secret? …Advanced pharmaceutical-grade liposomes that provide the power of intravenous therapy with the convenience of oral delivery.


In a true technological breakthrough, Quicksilver Delivery Systems™ have advanced the standards of the nutraceutical industry by incorporating innovative technology utilized in drug-delivery systems with supplement therapies, creating a nutraceutical line with unparalleled bioavailability. Correctly-made liposomal delivery systems provide improved systemic and cellular absorption of nutrients. Unlike traditional vitamins and dietary supplements that are often poorly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, the nutritional therapies delivered in biocompatible liposomes of Quicksilver Delivery Systems™ have intraoral and lymphatic absorption, and impact systemic circulation in a way that until now only intravenous therapies could achieve.


The purity of the liposomal products of the Quicksilver Delivery Systems™ line is unrivaled. Engineered at the same level as high-grade pharmaceuticals, these spheres measure within a range of 50–100nm, with tightly controlled sizing, verified in each batch by Laser Dynamic Light Scattering technology. Unilamellar (single-bilayer) lipid membranes composed of purified natural phospholipids sourced from sunflower and soy lecithin form the exterior of the liposomal particles. These phospholipids fuse with cell membranes, facilitating efficient * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. intracellular delivery and additionally supporting cellular membrane function and signaling throughout the body.


Taken as an orally-ingested liquid form, the products from Quicksilver Scientific bring health practitioners and their patients improved clinical results by providing pharmaceutical-level absorption from their dietary supplement therapies.




Popular Quicksilver Scientific products include: Mercury Tri-Test, metal detoxification kits and protocols, Liposomal Glutathione, Micro-Emulsified Colorado Hemp Oil (CBD oil), NanoMojo Liposomal Adaptogen Blend, Artemisinin Emulsion, and Liposomal GABA with L-Theanine.


Quicksilver Scientific offers a professional line of products. Health practitioners interested in selling these products and partnering with Quicksilver Scientific can visit www.quicksilverscientific.com/register


To schedule an exclusive interview with Dr. Shade or book him for a keynote event, please contact [email protected]


For custom product development and white-labeling opportunities, contact www.quicksilverscientific.com/home/contact-us


To learn more about Quicksilver Scientific and view Dr. Shade’s webinars visit www.quicksilveracademy.com


To purchase Quicksilver’s retail product line, please visit www.purxpressions.com

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