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Personal Struggle with Toxic Metals Inspires Doctor’s Innovations


The story behind Dr. Christopher Shade’s major breakthroughs in mercury detoxification that have helped thousands who suffer from metal toxicity


In many ways our experiences, both good and bad, influence the path we follow in life, serving to motivate and inspire us. From breathing in billowing plumes of soot descending down from the steel mills in his hometown of Bethlehem, PA, to earning a PhD in Environmental Sciences and Aquatic Chemistry with a focus on mercury, the past definitely played a role in Dr. Christopher Shade’s scientific breakthroughs in mercury testing and the development of supplement therapies designed to support heavy metal detoxification.

Noticing the symptoms of metal toxicity in himself, Dr. Shade shifted his focus from environmental mercury to eradicating mercury from the human body. Using himself as a test subject, he developed two major scientific innovations: improved techniques for heavy metal testing and liposomal supplement delivery systems to support cellular detoxification. This rapidly evolved into the development of the mercury speciation and detoxification company, Quicksilver Scientific, and their practitioner-focused protocols and educational resources.


Dr. Shade talks about the invaluable nature of the services Quicksilver Scientific brings to the medical field, stating, “We give practitioners the means to better test for metal toxicity, and provide the proper supplements and protocols to thoroughly detoxify their patients when harmful substances are detected. From this, people are able to achieve optimal health in ways that haven’t been possible before.”  Quicksilver Scientific’s patented Mercury Tri-Test is a far more comprehensive analysis than any other mercury test on the market, and when used in combination with the Blood Metals Test, provides practitioners and patients with the best clinical picture of how heavy metals may be affecting their health. Mercury speciation utilizing urine, blood, and hair samples gives a complete picture of the mercury burden in the body as well as the body’s ability to detoxify from it.


The presence of toxins such as heavy metals necessitates an appropriate and comprehensive means of eliminating these substances from the body. This need motivated the line of liposomal dietary supplements that Dr. Shade developed, offering unparalleled bioavailability with the convenience of oral delivery. The line continues to serve as the standard in pharmaceutical-grade supplements for the support of detoxification protocols, and has grown from the initial detoxification focus, to include supplements for mitochondrial health, immune strength, and hormone balance – all with superior absorption than any other oral supplement therapy.


Quicksilver Scientific and Dr. Shade’s innovative developments have been featured in a wide-array of national medical journals, popular health podcasts, conference and seminar keynote talks, and other publications. Each of these instruments have been crucial in spreading the information about the dangers of metal toxicity and how with appropriate support, such as the tools offered by Quicksilver Scientific, people can be restored to health. For those who have experienced metal toxicity, these solutions have brought about transformation from a chronic daily struggle to a life which they are once again able to be part of.


ABOUT DR. CHRISTOPHER SHADE: Dr. Shade specializes in the biological, environmental, and analytical chemistry of mercury in all of its forms and their interactions with sulfur compounds, particularly glutathione and its enzyme system. He has patented analytical systems for mercury speciation (separation of different forms of mercury), founded the only clinical lab in the world offering mercury speciation in human samples, and has designed cutting edge delivery systems of nutraceuticals for detoxification and antioxidant protection, including novel phospholipid delivery systems for both water- and fat-soluble compounds.


Dr. Shade is available for interviews and talks, and welcomes the opportunity to spread awareness about heavy metal toxicity – not as an end in itself, but to give hope by enlightening and educating about the solution. To learn more about Dr. Shade’s story and to help spread his cause, Dr. Shade can be booked for an exclusive interview or keynote talk by emailing Kelsey Robertson at [email protected].


Dr. Shade’s work has been featured on the following major publications and media outlets:




Dr. Shade has conducted a number of courses and keynote presentations in clinical metal toxicology for the following health and practitioner education summits:




Dr. Shade has been published in six scientific journal publications concerning mercury speciation and environmental mercury


You can view Dr. Shades’ full-course of practitioner-level training videos and webinars at www.QuicksilverAcademy.com


ABOUT QUICKSILVER SCIENTIFIC®: Quicksilver Scientific offers a professional line of blood metal testing services and liposomal nutraceutical detoxification products. Health practitioners interested in partnering with Quicksilver Scientific and offering these products to their patients can visit www.quicksilverscientific.com


To purchase Quicksilver’s retail product line, please visit www.purxpressions.com


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