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Build immune resiliency and take back the life you love


Quarantine has had a collective effect on every aspect of our lives: stress, moods, sleep, nutrition, physical fitness, and more. Disrupted routines and altered lifestyles have strained our most vital foundation: immune health.

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With more toxic load and less metabolic clarity, we’re left in a vulnerable state of wellness. But there’s so much you can do — and we’re here to help. The Quicksilver Scientific® Quarantine Recovery Program gives you the knowledge, tools and action items you’re craving to empower whole health as you re-enter a society with so much uncertainty.


The Quarantine Recovery Program is a carefully designed, comprehensive, 3-month nutraceutical protocol focusing on cellular level detoxification and recalibration of metabolism to reignite your energy and immune resiliency.

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Quicksilver Scientific’s Quarantine Recovery Program includes:

  • RESTORE (Month 1): During the first month, participants will begin with a gentle detoxification to upregulate proper liver function and restore functional pathways of elimination. Along with a whole-body detox, the program during this initial part is designed to help the antigenic load and work to help support healthy immune imbalances within the body. The Quicksilver Scientific products used during this first part of the protocol includes Push Catch LiverDetoxLiposomal Glutathione Complex and Nanoemulsified Cat’s Claw Elite®.
  • ACTIVATE (Month 2): The goal of the second month’s protocol is to help further clarify cells and metabolic processes through the activation of AMPK and autophagy. This will help drive cellular detox and help reduce old tissue mass, leaving the body feeling energized. Quicksilver Scientific products utilized during this second month include AMPK Charge, Ultra Binder® Stick PacksLiposomal Glutathione and QuintEssential® Hypertonic Elixir.
  • ELEVATE (Month 3): This month of the program is designed to optimize metabolic health by rebuilding functional cells and lean body mass through NAD+, methylation and sirtuin support. Metabolic optimization supports in a resilient immune system. Quicksilver Scientific products used on Month 3 include NAD+ Platinum, Liposomal Ultra Vitamin®, QuintEssential Isotonic and Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract.

It’s your wellbeing. Take charge of your health today for a more resilient tomorrow.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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