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Quarantine Recovery Program Month 2 ACTIVATE

Congrats! You’re now in Month 2 of the Quicksilver Scientific Quarantine Recovery Program! The initial detoxification month is behind you and your body has begun to recalibrate from the inside out. The commitment you’ve made to your health is beginning to take flight!

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Last month we RESTORED, kickstarting detoxification to help remove accumulated toxins, support elimination pathways and create a new platform for healthy immune and metabolic function. The goal of Month 2 is to ACTIVATE!


Your next set of products has been curated to help revitalize core processes and pathways needed to reactivate youthful metabolic clarity. Over the next month, these masterfully combined nutraceuticals will focus on encouraging the biochemical conduits that support metabolism, a foundational aspect of wellness.


As we ramp up key cellular pathways, your body will also continue to detoxify at a deeper level — cleaning out old cells to make room for new, better-functioning cells. Get ready to learn about AMPK and mTOR pathways, how gut health plays a critical role this month, and how to master lifestyle hacks like intermittent fasting and more.


Keep up the new routines, self-care practices, and daily progress tracking you started in Month 1. These will continue to support you on your Quarantine Recovery Program journey. Now let’s activate whole-body health!


Questions? We are here for you. Simply email us at [email protected].

Sign up for Month 2 Emails

Sign up to receive important information to support your Month 2 wellness journey! To get the most from your Quarantine Recovery Program supplements, opt-in right here on the day you plan to begin Month 2. You’ll start receiving perfectly timed support to your inbox! From tips, life hacks, and FAQs to the science behind what’s going on with your body, Quicksilver Scientific has support services ready to help you get the most from your multi-month journey to wellbeing.

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Q R P month 2 Guidebook

Your Guide for Month 2

Get all the details on month 2 products and how they support deeper, cellular detoxification and support healthy metabolic activity. Check out the dosing chart and specifics on what you can expect throughout the month. 

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Track Your Awesomeness

Easily track physiological changes and see what you are noticing come up over the month. Fill it out daily to evaluate sleep, stress, and mood. It also serves as a reminder to take your supplements daily.

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Month 2 FAQs

Our QRP FAQs include all kinds of information around month 2, from product information to lifestyle modifications, you can get your questions answered here. 

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Fasting: An Ancient Practice for Metabolism and Immune Health

While chronic eating can have obvious effects like weight gain, it also initiates subtle physiology shifts that undermine our metabolic health. The antidote? Intermittent fasting (IF).  

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How to Intermittent Fast

Did you know one of the many benefits of intermittent fasting (IF) is improving appetite control, making it easier to tune in to your hunger and satiety cues? One more reason to give intermittent fasting a try! 

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Foods for Gut Health

Did you know that 80 percent of your immune system resides in your gut? A growing body of research shows that gut health significantly impacts our metabolic health, including blood-sugar equilibrium. So how do you give your gut more love to stay ahead in a post-quarantine world?

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Keto-Friendly Foods

Building metabolic flexibility means cutting back on sugar and carbohydrates.  This can be scary as so much of what we eat is considered a carbohydrate.  Don’t fret!  This comprehensive, low carb/keto-friendly food list showcases the many choices you have if choosing to reduce carbs from your diet.


Inside a Cleaner-Burning Metabolism

Your cells are profiting this month as you activate ancient pathways and dig deep into cells to cleanse and rejuvenate – turning your body into an efficient burning machine. Let’s take a closer look at what to expect as you shift into metabolic flexibility. 

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Glutathione & Mineralization: Everything You Need to Know

We included two critical supplements in your month 2 box: glutathione, something your body makes naturally but can always use more of, and sachets of sea minerals, which help restore electrolyte balance and provide deep, cellular rehydration.  What else do these powerhouse supplements do for you?

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