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Quarantine Recovery Program Month 3 ELEVATE

Kudos! You’re entering the last month of the Quarantine Recovery Program with another opportunity for transformation coming your way. In our first month, we kick started toxin removal; in the second month, we did a complete metabolic clean up; and this month we are energizing cells for optimum vitality. With supplements designed for rebuilding functional cells and lean body mass, QRP Month 3 is the final stage of our reset: ELEVATE.

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Inside your QRP Month 3 shipment you’ll find some remarkable nutraceuticals to advance your metabolism and immune system by working to help balance methylation, leverage the longevity molecule NAD+, and support essential sirtuins. This month you’ll learn about these key biochemical processes and Quicksilver Scientific’s targeted formulas —  NAD+ PlatinumLiposomal Ultra Vitamin®, QuintEssential Isotonic, and Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract — specifically crafted to help you elevate health over the long-term.


We also hope you’ll have some fun geeking out on content covering mitochondrial function, “longevity genes” known as sirtuins, and senescent cells. Check your inbox and this landing page for regular updates. In addition to education around your supplements and what’s happening in your body, we’ll deliver tips and tricks for building a healthy mindset and practices into your transforming lifestyle. It’s an integrated protocol to empower you in all aspects of life.


You’ve already had two months to experience the effects of your QS supplements, set some new nutrition routines, worked on self-care practices and tracked your progress along the way. While this is the “official” final month of the Quarantine Recovery Program, in many ways your journey is just beginning. We’ll be here to help now and in the future, as you pinpoint the products that will continue to help you build on the powerful platform you’ve created during QRP.

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Sign up to receive important information to support your Month 3 wellness journey! To get the most from your Quarantine Recovery Program supplements, opt-in right here on the day you plan to begin Month 3. You’ll start receiving perfectly timed support to your inbox! From tips, life hacks, and FAQs to the science behind what’s going on with your body, Quicksilver Scientific has support services ready to help you get the most from your multi-month journey to wellbeing.

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Quarantine Recovery program

Your Guide for Month 3

Get all the details on month 3 products and how they help elevate mitochondrial function and optimize metabolism, supporting your energy and vitality. Check out the dosing chart and specifics on what you can expect throughout the month.

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Track Your Awesomeness

Easily track physiological changes and see what you are noticing come up over the month. Fill it out daily to evaluate sleep, stress, and mood. It also serves as a reminder to take your supplements daily.

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Month 3 FAQs

Our QRP FAQs include all kinds of information around month 3, from product information to lifestyle modifications, you can get your questions answered here. 


Ignite Cellular-Level Energy

The changes taking place in your body this month begin deep in your mitochondria, the tiny yet mighty energy “factories” in your cells. Mitochondria are responsible for generating the cellular fuel, or ATP, required to drive nearly every biochemical process. Vibrant mitochondrial health and energy hinge on three key factors…

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At Home HIIT Circuit Workout

When short on time, try this HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout to ignite your metabolism.  HIIT has several beneficial effects – it can increase mitochondrial density, improve oxidative capacity of muscle, enhance aerobic efficiency, and increase muscle volume and definition.

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Banish Brain Fog for Good with these Strategies

Your Month 3 supplements can help bolster your mitochondrial health, but so can complementary lifestyle strategies. Here are some ways to keep supercharging your brain and reaching new heights.

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NAD+ and All-Day Energy

Building cellular energy is critical when looking for newfound energy and stamina. NAD+ is an energy-building and longevity molecule found in all cells of the body. Supplementation with NAD+ boosting compounds offers power to the brain and body. 

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Jog Your Mind: Exercises for “Up There”

Your Countless studies have shown a clear tie between those who keep their brains fit and a reduction in cognitive decline. As you boost longevity genes this month and find fresh energy to take on new tasks, you might consider making “brain sports” one of them.


Hormesis 101: Activating Your Longevity Genes Naturally

One way to enhance your body’s sirtuin activity is through hormesis, which refers to the surprisingly positive effects of an activity or food at low doses that at high doses would otherwise be harmful. Call it a biohack of sorts, but hormesis works.

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