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There is a plethora of information and research about mercury floating around.  Some of it new, some of it ancient. Unfortunately a lot of it is conflicting when it comes to human health.  There are no disagreements that mercury is toxic but the controversy over the facts continues. Quicksilver Scientific has aggregated a library of peer reviewed science about relevant topics and will continue to add to it for your edification.


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  1. Activation of methionine synthase by insulin-like growth factor-1 and dopamine: a target for neurodevelopmental toxins and thimerosal
  2. Additive pro-oxidative effects of methylmercury and ebselen in liver from suckling rat pups

  3. Carcinogenic metal induced sites of reactive oxygen species formation in hepatocytes

  4. Comparative Effects of Methylmercury and Hg2 on Human Neuronal N- and R-Type High-Voltage Activated Calcium Channels Transiently Expressed in Human Embryonic Kidney 293 Cells


  6. Dental Metal Allergy in Patients With Oral, Cutaneous, and Genital Lichenoid Reactions

  7. Development of an in vitro blood–brain barrier model—cytotoxicity of mercury and aluminum

  8. Dose–response study of thimerosal-induced murine systemic autoimmunity

  9. Effects of deviating the Th2-response in murine mercury-induced autoimmunity towards a Th1-response

  10. Effects of the metals on dihydropteridine reductase activity

  11. The contributions of excitotoxicity, glutathione depletion and DNA repair in chemically induced injury to neurones: exemplified with toxic effects on cerebellar granule cells

  12. Activation of methionine synthase by insulin-like growth factor-1 and dopamine: a target for neurodevelopmental toxins and thimerosal

  13. Effects of Inorganic HgCl2 on Adipogenesis

  14. Mercury, Cadmium, and Arsenite Enhance Heat Shock Protein Synthesis in Chick Embryos Prior to Embryotoxicity

  15. Mercury-induced Ca2+ increase and cytotoxicity in renal tubular cells

  16. Oral exposure to inorganic mercury alters T lymphocyte phenotypes and cytokine expression in BALB/c mice

  17. Oxidation by Thimerosal Increases Calcium Levels in Renal Tubular Cells

  18. Selective Disappearance of an Axonal Protein, 440-kDa AnkyrinB, Associated With Neuronal Degeneration Induced by Methylmercury

  19. Metallothioneins: Zinc, Cadmium, Mercury, and Copper Thiolates and Selenolates Mimicking Protein Active Site Features - Structural Aspects and Biological Implications

  20. Effects of Toxic Environmental Contaminants on Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel Function: From Past to Present

  21. Nitric oxide-dependent vasorelaxation and endothelial cell damage caused by mercury chloride

  22. Role of Mercury Toxicity in Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, and Stroke

  23. Does the "challenge test" really show you the "body burden" of mercury?