Nutritional Outlook Takes Notice of Quicksilver Scientific


Featured in Nutritional Outlook, Michael Crane discusses with Dr. Shade the science behind Quicksilver Scientific's liposomal technology. Dr. Shade explains what makes the Quicksilver Scientific liposomes superior to competitors and how difficult it can be to create liposomes with multiple nutrients.

"Liposomal delivery technology from a company called Quicksilver Scientific (Lafayette, CO) is front and center in several new 2017 product launches, including an “ultra-strength multivitamin,” an energy supplement, and a hemp cannabidiol (CBD) serum. And while the ingredients in these products may be very different, the liposomal delivery system they all use serves a similar function in each—enhancing bioavailability and supporting cellular membrane function, says Quicksilver."

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A Conversation on Detoxification With Dr. Shade


"Detoxification" may seem like a buzzword tossed around these days, but it's quite a serious process. There's also a lot of misinformation surrounding heavy metals, detoxification, and traditional vs. alternative medicinal options.

Dr. Christopher Shade is a world renown expert on heavy metals detoxification and liposomal delivery of dietary supplements. In this interview with Natural Medicine Journal, he delves into his patented mercury testing and how to remove mercury and other heavy metals from the body.

He also discusses Quicksilver Scientific's industry leading liposomal supplements for detoxification.  

You can read the full article with Natural Medicine Journal here

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Quicksilver in the News:

Quicksilver in the News:

A Collection of the Latest News Stories and Articles About Quicksilver Scientific:


The First Liposomal Vitamin

By Ingredients Wizard 

Quicksilver Scientific and Dr. Christopher Shade, PhD, announce the newest addition to their elite line of complex pharmaceutical-grade liposomal supplement therapies – a multi-vitamin so complete, it truly can be deemed as “ULTRA VITAMIN


Metals chemistry expertise sets its detox products apart, Quicksilver says

By Hank Schultz, 09-Feb-2017

An in-depth understanding of metals chemistry and an advanced liposomal delivery system are what puts Quicksilver Scientific ahead in the detoxification field, an executive says.






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