Can I detoxify during pregnancy and breastfeeding? Do amalgam fillings affect the baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Inorganic Mercury transfers through breast milk and methylmercury transfers across the placental barrier; therefore only a very mild detox that does not mobilize mercury is recommended while breast-feeding or during pregnancy.   Blood has been shown to have higher mercury levels in fetuses than the mother. Amalgam fillings should not be tampered with during pregnancy. Ideal is to detox before becoming pregnant!

How do I order Quicksilver Scientific Detoxification products?

You must be a licensed practitioner to order Quicksilver Scientific's products. There are several ways to purchase our products. You can place an order through one of our Distributors if you are wanting products in less than a case please go to Mountain State Health Products website mhpvitamins.com. If you are ordering from us we do not sell in less than a case for wholesale pricing and all orders need to go through the website. Please go to quicksilverscientific.com to register as a practitioner.

What is the shelf life of products?

For best results, use within one year of manufacture date. Freezing phospholipid-based products stops change almost completely and extends usefulness for years. If product is opened the main degradation will be the taste and not necessarily the potency.

What is the nattokinase content in your Clearway Cofactor product?

100mg or 2000fu per 3 caps.

How do I know the dosing for your products?

All of the dosing information for our products is on the bottles or in the product information sheets listed on our website. We are not a clinic and cannot provide medical advice. Please contact your practitioner if you have more in-depth dosing questions.

If mercury is the only elevated metal is there a role for EDTA, since it binds mercury so weakly?

EDTA also has some effects on biofilms, and that helps with circulation and chronic oscillating infections.

BioBotanicals GI Detox is recommended in the "Pre-tox" protocol. Would it generally be recommended during more targeted metal detox as well? If so is this to maintain GI health or because it binds toxins in a complementary way to IMD?

It is a great adjunct during any detox since we are not operating in a vaccum with a single toxin. IF the person accumulates mercury, they likely accumulate other biological toxins (mold toxins, GI dysbiotic toxins) and environmental toxins (petrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides, POP’s). The charcoal/clay is not real good for metals, but has a very broad affinity for the toxic soup of chemicals.

Because my patients suffer multiple chemical sensitivities, I need to know from what plant your PC is derived and whether you use hexane or ethanol as the extract-ant. Does it contain ancillary phospholipids, as well, including ethanol-amine?

German Soy source lecithin with 92-94%PC, extracted with ethanol. Very similar to Natterman's source material for Lipostabil. Small amounts of phos ethanoline and traces if phos inositol. It is an excellent source.


Do your products contain gluten?

None of our products contain any gluten, they are safe for people who have gluten sensitivity/celiac's disease.

Is corn used in the production of this ethanol?

As a company, we are committed to the highest quality Non-GMO ingredients for our products. The ethanol used in our products is derived from cane sugar and we have been using cane sugar based ethanol for quite some time.

Doctors and practitioners only

What is the Quicksilver Scientific protocol for detoxifying mercury?

There is a product available for purchase by your practitioner called The Detox Qube. This comes with a detailed protocol and all the products needed giving a simple one-stop solution for detoxification. In addition there are suggested products to use along with the Quicksilver Scientific products for optimal results. You can find downloadable protocols in our products menu when you are logged in as a registered user. However, our Detox Qube is not available to the general public only practitioners registered on our site can order these protocols.

Recommended time on each detox level?

The time spent at different levels is determined by symptomology. Pick a low starting dose and stay there until symptoms subside and then move up; again stay there until symptoms subside and then move up again. You want to titrate up to high doses, stay there for a month or two and then go back down to the base and keep the momentum going for another 3-6 months. Average times would be:

  • 1 month at Level One
  • 2-3 months at Level Two
  • 1-2 months at Level Three
  • Back down and staying at Level One for another 3-6 months or more

Are there documented adverse effects?

It is only typical detox symptoms, which some patients experience. And it is very important to note that everyone reacts to detoxing differently. Occasionally practitioners report sulfurous flatulence that does not pass. It is typical to be gassy for a few days and then stabilize. Others have to use a low dose but are not able to titrate up the doses over time. These difficult cases usually have gall bladder blockages or kidney disorders.

How were these protocols created?

The protocols were designed over two years of working with multiple practitioners and patients and their response to both the initial and follow-up mercury testing plus the patients' reported response to the detox. That is the only way protocols like this can be developed.

What is the relevance of genetics to using the protocol?

Genetic SNPs are important in tuning protocols. Specifically, MTHFR homozygotes may need specific B vitamins. Most of the clients we work with have multiple heterozygous and homozygous mutations and thus the protocols evolved around these conditions.

When do I add QS Liposomal EDTA to the QS DetoxQube protocol?

This is added in somewhere within the first 3 months, depending on how you feel. The dose is 1 tsp/day. This dose can be reduced and worked up to, to mitigate detox symptoms.

Disodium EDTA vs. Calcium EDTA

Disodium EDTA is a better chelator. The rationale for CaNa2EDTA is that you can disturb calcium balance during an IV push if you use disodium EDTA. The liposomal EDTA is absorbed more slowly and persists longer and thus does not create an acute disturbance of calcium homeostasis. Additionally, when using QS’s liposomal EDTA, you are taking smaller more regular doses (210mg per day typically) so there is no shock to the system as in a push.

Can QS supplements be taken with DMPS?

Yes, our products can provide a foundation for more aggressive chelation like DMPS, though other chelators are not necessary for mercury. When using other chelators, our program should begin first and other chelators can start after 1-3 months on our program and only low doses are needed.

IMD vs. Chlorella? Can I use chlorella and IMD together?

IMD has higher thiol functionality and therefore is stronger. Chlorella has far fewer binding sites and thus is milder; however chorella has other kinds of binding sites (cation exchange and anion exchange) that make it a good and safe complement to IMD. IMD has more of a detox stimulating effect whereas chlorella is more passive, and as such some practitioners use IMD once per day and chlorella at two other times in the day. Once they move up in dose, they go to IMD 2X per day and Chlorella once and then finally up to IMD 3X/day, with or without chlorella.

My patient has a sunflower sensitivity. Is this a concern?

It is typically the proteins people react to in sunflowers. Phospholipids are far removed from the proteins so it would be very uncommon for someone to react to the phospholipids. Our product has gone through enough purification processes that it would be very unlikely for an allergic reaction to occur.

Is it necessary or possible to eliminate Mercury from body-tissue outside the brain before using supplements like Lipoic Acid to eliminate Mercury from inside the brain?

The idea that Lipoic acid is a chelator in the brain has no solid evidence as of yet. Biochemistry literature shows definitively that it upregulates glutathione system processes, which then can move mercury out….AND enzymes and transporters for glutathione-based detoxification are studded all along the blood brain barrier! In the system of using DMSA and ALA, there is some rationale for using DMSA first since it clears the blood and then using Lipoic Acid since it provokes the cells to release mercury, but that system was all based on how people felt, so it could just be consistent with the idea of slowly building up the strength of the detox. The QS system of slowly increasing Lipoic Acid along with glutathione and the other supplements has worked consistently. The other tenet of DMSA/ALA is round-the-clock, every three or four hour dosing. This idea is based dosing once for every half-life of the chemical in the blood, and this has solid foundation for DMSA, which is foreign to the body and thus swings from none to peak level and back to none rapidly. However, in upregulating glutathione processes with lipoic acid, the need for dosing every half-life is not well-founded since this is just increasing naturally produced antioxidants and detox enzymes, and the increases and decreases are gradual with no drop of the chemistry substantially below baseline levels.

QS GSH compared to Readisorb.

The buccal absorption with QS liposomal products will be higher, but we have not documented the difference yet.

What’s the danger of becoming dependent on external GABA supplementation?

If your GABA processes are working fine, then there is no reason to take GABA. If you are caught in a cycle of glutamate dominance then external GABA supplementation can calm the system and allow you to break that cycle. For example, glutamate dominance causes inflammatory processes that shut down detoxification and create a lot of anxiety, yet toxicity can be the cause of the glutamate dominance and lock you in that cycle; or infectious processes can cause glutamate dominance and cause you to retain toxins which compounds the problems from the infections.   To shut off your own GABA system it would take an extensive amount of GABA supplementation. It could be done, but it is not an imminent danger from its use at the levels we recommend: 100-500mg 1-3X per day.