The Quicksilver Scientific
Health System

The Quicksilver Health System is derived from Dr. Shade’s extensive research in the field of detoxification. He has identified three fundamental distortions of your natural health:

Toxicity • Allergy • Infection

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Using our self-guided assessment independently or along with a Quicksilver Scientific practitioner, the Quicksilver Health System will allow you to quickly and easily identify factors that are standing between you and optimal health. This assessment will provide you with one of seven potential patterns based on your tendencies. All of the products and protocols tied to your pattern are suggested specifically to help balance your unique health status. With this knowledge you can start your health journey through the three distinct phases we have outlined below. Our self-guided assessment is still under development and will be released soon.


The “Restore” phase of the Quicksilver Scientific Health System is the first step. Using Quicksilver Scientific’s protocols to remove toxins and address allergies and microbial imbalances will help restore the balance and tone of your immune and autonomic nervous systems. A balanced system is the basis for moving on to the next two steps of the Quicksilver Scientific Health System.

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Once your body’s cleared and your autonomic and immune response is balanced you’ll want to maintain this progress. The “Maintain” phase can be thought of as taking your daily vitamins. You will be able to create your own toolkit of products designed specifically for your body’s needs.

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From here the real fun begins as you can focus on the areas to advance your health.
The “Advance” protocols will help you realize your potential in the areas that matter most to you.

  • Mental Clarity: designed to enhance mental function, clear brain fog, and support you in demanding mental efforts.
  • Performance: designed for your most challenging physical endeavors. The “Performance” products will naturally boost your energy, reduce fatigue, and decrease your recovery time. Perfect for athletes looking to improve their performance and busy professionals looking for an edge.
  • Stress Relief: designed to minimize stress. The ”Stress Relief” products help balance neurotransmitter chemistry to reduce fear and anxiety responses. They will also provide support for mood improvement and restful sleep.