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Your Optimal Health

Optimal health is the foundation of a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life — a life built on balanced immune and nervous system response.

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At Quicksilver Scientific’s cCGMP lab, Dr. Shade is increasing the curative power of nature through modern science, ensuring safety and effectiveness. The result is Quicksilver Scientific’s premium line of products, protocols, and test kits.


Quicksilver Scientific’s CLIA-certified laboratory specializes in clinical metals testing, with our patented Mercury Tri-Test, the only clinical test using mercury speciation analysis, and our Blood Metals Panel, for heavy metals.
Restore then Advance Your Optimal Health

Optimal Health System

Your plan to achieving optimal health begins with a simple, self-guided assessment.
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Products and protocols to remove toxins, allergens, and infections while recovering body balance


Products and protocols to support
a balanced, healthy lifestyle


Products and protocols to realize your active, cognitive, or stress management potential

The curative
power of nature

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Unleash the curative power of nature to restore, maintain, and advance optimal health — for yourself or for your patients.

Dr. Chris Shade

Growing up in a steel town, environmental issues have been a part of my life since youth. Later, as an organic and biodynamic farmer — and then at the Rodale Institute — I studied how toxins make their way into our food and into our bodies...