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Quicksilver Scientific LLC Medical & Health United States Are you looking for a scientifically advanced health supplement wholesaler? We sell mercury detoxification and heavy metal tests as well as liposomal products. Monday to Friday: 08:00AM-5:00PM


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What does Quicksilver Scientific do?

Founder and CEO, Dr. Christopher Shade, PhD, is the driving force of Quicksilver Scientific.  He is known worldwide for his research and development of industry-advanced mercury testing methods and health supplements that detoxify the human body of heavy metals and other toxins. Additionally, his work in the development of optimal particle size liposomes has led to Quicksilver’s line of liquid oral supplements that can be well absorbed in the mouth and bloodstream to facilitate optimal intracellular delivery.

Health Supplement Wholesalers – Mercury Detoxification – Liposomes

Quicksilver Scientific is an industry-advanced heavy metals blood testing, nutraceuticals manufacturing, and health-supplement wholesalers company focused on the research and development of liposomal delivery systems for our privately produced brand of mercury detoxification programs. The health supplements we produce are based on the science of liposomes.

Founder and CEO, Dr. Christopher Shade is the driving force of Quicksilver Scientific. He earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in environmental and aqueous chemistry from Lehigh University and his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, where he studied metal-ligand interactions in the environment and specialized in the environmental and analytical chemistries of mercury. During this time, Dr. Shade patented an analytical technology for mercury speciation analysis and later founded Quicksilver Scientific as a way to commercialize this technology.

Liposomes are made of phospholipids—the basic building blocks of cell membranes—and encapsulate nutritional compounds. This beneficial combination promotes healthy cellular function. Our liposomes are tiny and therefore absorb rapidly, starting in the mouth, and once in the bloodstream, these encapsulating phospholipids bond with cell membranes to facilitate intracellular delivery. 

We engineer our phospholipids to encapsulate compounds and capitalize on oral delivery. Their size and structure also keep them from being destroyed by the digestive processes, which normally degrades or limits compound absorption. Being made from the highest-grade ingredients and formed into smaller, single-layer spheres, our products have been shown to have the ability to cross the blood-barrier and increase the lymphatic circulation of our therapeutic nutrients. And as our scientific research progresses, we are continuing to develop into one of the industry’s leading health supplement wholesalers.

The heavy metal testing of Quicksilver Scientific helps identify mercury toxicity, which informs how well a person's mercury detoxification system is functioning. And our unique system of products is based on the many benefits of liposomes, which we design to repair and then maximize the natural detoxification system.


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