Frequently Asked Questions


What is a liposome?

A liposome is a sphere shaped vesicle of phospholipid molecules that encapsulate a water droplet to carry substances, such as nutraceuticals, into the tissues.

The phospholipids are in a lipid bilayer, or a double layer of lipid molecules with nonpolar tails facing inward, that resembles the body’s own cell membranes.

The liposome acts as a vehicle for delivering nutrients and lipid nanoparticles into the bloodstream for higher systemic absorption.

What makes your products more absorbable and bioavailable than other forms of supplements?

Absorption of our products begins as soon as they hit your mouth, allowing for rapid and complete absorption of the liposomal formulas into the bloodstream before being altered by the harsh processes of the digestive system.

With systemic absorption starting in the mouth, greater cellular and tissue uptake is achieved, improving distribution of compounds into the tissues and cells.

For our liposomes, we utilize the same technology and processes for tight particle size controls used by many pharmaceutical companies to ensure consistency of this higher bioavailability.


Our capsule delivery technology utilizes a groundbreaking self-emulsifying delivery system (SEDS) that allows ingredients to enter the blood at an unprecedented rate. Pharmacokinetic studies indicate that the capsule quickly dissolves in the stomach, creating emulsified nanoparticles that easily diffuse through intestinal cell membranes into the bloodstream in as little as 20 minutes, with peak blood concentration occurring within 90 minutes.

Are your products organic?

While our products are not certified organic, we source whenever possible from farmers or vendors that adhere to organic growing methods.

Do your products contain pesticides/herbicides?

Our products do not contain either; we run third party lab testing for all of our products to ensure the absence of pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and heavy metals.

What allergens do you test for in your products?

We test according to the European food allergy panel, which is the most extensive allergen panel available. We do not test for corn.

The following is the list of allergens we test for:

Almond Protein Allergen, Buckwheat Protein Allergen, Brazil Nut Protein, Cashew Protein, Celery Specific DNA Test, Coconut Protein, Crustacean Protein Allergen, Egg Protein Allergen, Fish Specific DNA Test, Gluten Allergen, Hazelnut Protein Allergen, Lupin Residue, Macadamia Protein, Milk Total Protein. Mustard Protein Allergen, Peanut Protein Allergen, Pine Nut Protein, Pistachio Protein, Sesame Seed Protein Allergen. Soy Protein Allergen. Walnut/Pecan Protein.

Products with the symbol “Tested Allergen Free” have been analyzed for the protein content in these allergens.

Do your products contain sugar?

Our products do not contain added sugar. Some of our formulas contain small amounts of sweeteners such as Maple sap syrup or Thaumatin (Katemfe fruit).

Do your products contain alcohol? What kind? How much?

We utilize alcohol in the form of ethanol. Ethanol is essential in liposomal stability and is present in all of our products in quantities at an amount less than 25%. The ethanol is fermented, then distilled and tested allergen free. The ethanol used in our products is non-GMO and derived from cane sugar.

Is corn used in the production of this ethanol?

We do not utilize corn for producing our ethanol; all of our ethanol is derived exclusively from cane sugar.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Shelf life for our products ranges from 12 to 24 months from the date of manufacture. Most of our products list the expiration date on the label, however those that are not yet updated will list the manufacture date. Please contact our Customer Experience team for more information on a specific product.

My product looks different than last time I ordered it. What happened?

Sometimes the color of a product can change based on from where the ingredients are sourced and depending on the season in which specific plants were grown. However, the quality and integrity of all our products remains the same.

What is the dosage for your products?

Dosage will vary for each product and for every individual. All general dosing information is listed on the bottles’ label or can be found on each product page on the website. Please contact your healthcare practitioner if you have individual or in-depth dosing questions. We cannot provide medical advice.

How much liposomal liquid can be taken in a single serving?

We recommend taking no more than 1 tsp of liquid at a time to allow for more complete absorption in the mouth. Wait 2-3 minutes between each 1 tsp dose.

Can your products be used topically?

Most of our products are designed for oral use as dietary supplements. Conversely, our Estradiol+, Estriol+, BI-EST+ and Progesterone + Topical Replenishing Serum should only be administered topically and should not be taken orally.

What happens if I don’t refrigerate my products that state “Refrigerate Upon Receipt” or “Refrigerate After Opening”?

Please reference our Product Storage Guidelines Page.

How will I know if my refrigerated product went bad?

Liposomal quality and stability is visible and quite apparent. A degraded, spoiled liposomal product will appear thick, cloudy, and inconsistent in liquidity. Additionally, a damaged liposomal product may appear separated, similar to oil and vinegar separation.

Heat-sensitive products include CoQ10, Dr. Shade’s The One, Glutathione, Glutathione Complex, NAD+ Gold, Membrane Mend, NAD+ Platinum, Pure PC, and Vitamin C with R-Lipoic Acid. In addition, Vitamin C, Vitamin C+ Elderberry, Immune Charge+, and Quinton Liters should be refrigerated upon opening.

What is Prop 65?

Click here to see our Prop 65 Statement.

Why does your Ultra Binder tell me it can cause cancer/reproductive health problems?

Ultra Binder contains clay and charcoal as active ingredients, which are known to contain naturally occurring chemicals that can be dangerous in high amounts. Because of Prop 65, we are required by law to make our customers aware of the presence of potentially harmful elements in this product. While we use the purest ingredients available, lead is everywhere in the environment and is found in the soil where plants are grown, therefore it is impossible to avoid in many plant-based ingredients. See Prop 65 Document for more info.

What’s the difference between Original Quinton® and QuintEssential®?

Quinton® Hypertonic and QuintEssential® 3.3 are the same product.

Quinton® Isotonic and QuintEssential® 0.9 are the same product.

Original Quinton® and QuintEssential® are the same product, in different packaging. Packaging is available in glass ampoules and travel-friendly sachets.

What is the ppm content in H2 Elite®?

Up to 10 ppm. A video of how our hydrogen is tested can be found here.

How were these detoxification protocols created?

These protocols were designed through years of working with multiple practitioners and patients and gauging their response to both the initial and follow-up mercury testing, plus the patients’ reported response to the detox.

Are there any side effects from doing your detox protocols?

Quicksilver’s detoxification protocols are designed to support healthy detoxification with minimal (if any) detox symptoms. Health status along with individual sensitivities can play a role in this. Some common detox symptoms include headache, fatigue, and bowel changes. They are often temporary and resolve on their own. Our detox protocols can be titrated down to lower doses to accommodate sensitivities. We recommend working with a practitioner skilled in this area who knows your medical history.

I’m pregnant or breastfeeding. Can I still take your products?

Unfortunately, as manufacturers of the products we do not have the medical qualifications to answer that question. Please consult with a practitioner about this concern before consuming our products. To locate practitioners that purchase our products and will have more familiarity, click here or contact our Customer Experience team and they may be able to help you find a practitioner in your area.

Why do you use ethanol and glycerin in your products?

Ethanol and glycerin are integral aspects of nanoparticle chemistry. There are three main reasons we use these ingredients in our products:

  1. Ethanol is used for softening the nanoparticle membrane when applying shear homogenization to our nano formulations. This is what gives our products the smallest particle size possible to increase their absorption bioavailability of ingredients.
  2. Ethanol, in combination with glycerin, is used in the extraction and delivery of the nutrients. This is called hydroethanolic and has been used for centuries in herbalism to make tinctures and other herbal extracts.
  3. Ethanol and glycerin are great preservatives and stabilizers. We have chosen these multi-faceted ingredients over less optimal preservatives that are often used in non-ethanol products such as potassium sorbate, sodium sorbate, sorbic acid, and parabens to name a few.
Why is the Folate used in QS Products not methylated?

Our products utilize a form of folate (B9) called calcium folinate or folinic acid.

Calcium folinate is considered an intermediate active form of folate. We’ve chosen to include this form of B9, rather than methylfolate, in our formulas for a few reasons. For one, calcium folinate is more stable in liposomes, our signature delivery system. Secondly, some individuals are sensitive to methylfolate and may experience over methylation when supplementing with this form of B9.

Over methylation can contribute to mood disturbances and irritability. Calcium folinate is highly bioavailable but does not run the risk of over-methylating individuals, making it an ideal form of vitamin B9.

Testing faq

Can I order a test directly from you or do I need to have a practitioner order it for me?

We strongly suggest that you work with a practitioner to complete your testing. However, some states in the U.S. allow us to ship test kits, that require a blood draw, directly to you. These states are called Direct Access Testing (DAT) states.

DAT states include: Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

If you live in a DAT state and would like to purchase one of our test kits that require a blood draw, Blood Metals Panel and Mercury Tri-Test®, please go to our website to place your order. We do not take these orders over the phone.

If you do not live in a DAT state and would like to utilize our testing that requires blood draws, and detoxification protocols, we recommend working with a certified practitioner.

A secondary option is to utilize our Blood Spot Test. This is a finger stick test that can be done at home and screens for 8 metals. States in which we cannot sell the Blood Spot Test include New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

Note: If you reside in the state of New York*: Due to the State of New York Department of Health restrictions, we cannot analyze samples taken in the state of New York. We recommend you make arrangements with a practitioner in a surrounding state and test with them.

*Our lab will not accept any samples taken in the State of New York.

How do I find a practitioner in my area that understands your metals testing?

If you are not working with a practitioner, please check our Practitioner Locator. This is not an exclusive list so if you do not find one, please contact Customer Experience at Or, ask your practitioner to contact us to determine if they can open an account and order the tests for you.

How do I get my blood drawn and what do I take to phlebotomist?

Check with your doctor’s office or local hospital to see if they will draw your blood. We do not contract directly with phlebotomy services and have no affiliation. You may check our Blood Draw Locations in addition to checking your local area. Please note these labs are independently owned and the policies and prices will vary. The blood draw fee is your responsibility.

Please take the entire test kit with you to the phlebotomist. Complete instructions are included. Both the Blood Metals Panel and the Mercury Tri-Test® require a blood draw.

What is included in the test kits?

All kits will include the following items regardless of which test you are requesting. Please collect only the specimen needed for your test. The specimen needed will be listed on the patient request form for each test.

  • Requisition Form: This is the form that will link your test to you and your practitioner
  • Tubes: There will be tubes for urine, hair, blood or saliva depending on the test kit you purchased
  • Collection instructions
  • Biohazard bag
  • Return shipping label and bag for U.S. orders
What paperwork is necessary? Do I need to answer all of the questions on the requisition form?

A requisition form is included in every kit. This form will link your sample and test results to you and your practitioner if your practitioner ordered the test. Please ensure that you fill out the form in its entirety and in legible handwriting. Missing or illegible information will delay processing.

How long can I wait to collect my blood, urine, hair samples?

Blood and urine samples must be taken within 48 hours of each other, otherwise the excretion ratios will be affected. If samples are not collected properly, we cannot accept the samples and you will need to obtain another blood and urine collection. We will hold the hair sample for one month.

Can I use hair from different parts of my body? How much hair do I need for the sample?

Yes. You can use hair from any part of the body. You will need a clump of hair about 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch. See the complete instructions with a picture in our Combo Test Kit Patient Instructions on our website. These instructions are sent to you with your test kit.

Do I need to fast?

No, fasting is not required.

After collecting the samples, how quickly do they need to be returned?

For the most accurate results, we recommend the samples are shipped immediately. A 2-day shipping label is provided in your test kit for U.S. orders.

Will the Mercury Tri-Test® determine my toxicity levels?

There is no test that directly measures toxicity. Toxicity is not a level of something but rather the body’s reaction to the level. The reaction is determined by genetics, nutritional status, presence of other synergistic toxins (i.e. lead, mold exposure, PCB’s), and the presence of other pathologies such as hidden infections.

The blood draw helps inform the practitioner of the blood levels of different forms of mercury, and the urine and hair help determine the function of detoxification pathways and excretion capabilities.

This helps the practitioner to determine whether the metal burden is a potential problem and/or contributing to possible health concerns.

Why is there a missing data point on my test results?

If there is a missing data point on your Mercury Tri-Test®, that means that the levels are so low that they are not detectible on the graph. For more information, contact your practitioner.

Why are chelation agents unnecessary prior to testing?

Quicksilver’s mercury speciation technology has the ability to differentiate methyl and inorganic mercury in the part per trillion range. The test is also designed to see how well the body is excreting mercury from the body. There are no chelation/provocation reference ranges.

The use of provocation agents artificially inflates the levels in the blood and urine which disrupts the biological information of how the body is dealing with its mercury load under normal day-to-day conditions.

When taking certain detoxification-promoting compounds like glutathione, lipoic acid, or EDTA, metals become mobilized from cells and into blood temporarily elevating blood levels of mercury.

We recommend discussing this topic with your practitioner.

Is there ever a “safe” level of mercury on the Blood Metals Panel or do you essentially always recommend speciation since inorganic mercury is toxic at low levels?

If there is a history of mercury exposure, dental amalgams and/or excessive fish consumption, it is recommended to complete the Mercury Tri-Test®. If only the total mercury is tested, inorganic mercury levels will be missed.

How long will it take to get my results back?

Our lab team works diligently to process and analyze each test in a timely fashion. In most cases, it takes roughly three weeks from receipt to completion. We cannot guarantee processing time due to holiday schedules and/or unforeseen circumstances which may cause periodic delays to this timing.

You or your practitioner will be notified via email when results are available in our secure Quicksilver Scientific testing portal.

How do I access my results?

Results can be accessed through our testing portal. The portal is the only way to view results. For security purposes, Quicksilver Scientific does not send results via email, fax, or mail.

Patient Accounts: If you are testing as a patient, and have selected on your patient request form to have your results be released to you, a testing portal account will be created. A valid email address must be provided on the patient request form in order for this to happen. Once you have a testing portal account, you should receive an email to get your account set up. If this option is not selected, test result access will go directly to your practitioner.

Practitioner Accounts: Practitioners will have an account created to access patient’s results in our testing portal. Please ensure that a valid email address is provided on the patient request form under the practitioner information section. If an email account is not provided, you will not have access. To gain access, please contact us at

Once you have a testing portal account, you will receive email notifications every time there is a status change to one of your tests, for example – when the sample arrives at the lab, when testing analysis begins, and when the results become available.

What is the difference in collecting the specimens between the Blood Metals Panel and the Blood Spot Test?

The Blood Metals Panel requires a blood draw from a local phlebotomist. The Blood Spot test can be done at home and does not require a phlebotomist.


How do I register for a wholesale account?

Please use this link to apply for a wholesale practitioner account. All accounts are reviewed thoroughly to determine if your practice/business meets our channel requirements. It may take up to five (5) business days from the date you submit ALL requested information to determine if your practice or business meets our professional account requirements. Please note that you may be contacted for additional information.


As a consumer you will not have to create an account to view the site or purchase products. However, you will be prompted to enter your email address at checkout which will automatically create a Quicksilver account for you. You can login with this email address the next time you shop to view your past purchases, subscriptions, and current orders.

I have a wholesale account. Can I sell your products online?

We prohibit the sale of our products on any 3rd party website. You may sell direct on your company website, however you must follow our MAP and Authorized Seller Policy found here.

I bought my product from Amazon and it arrived broken. Will you replace it?

We replace products purchased directly on our website. We have one authorized reseller on Amazon, “Pattern Products”. If you have any issues with your products purchased from this authorized seller, please first contact Pattern directly through the Amazon portal regarding their return policies. If they are unable to address your concerns, please contact us.

How do I log in to my account?

Use the email address associated with your Quicksilver consumer or practitioner account to log in. A 6-digit passcode will be sent from Quicksilver Scientific to your email address on file. Enter this code in the allotted location and click submit to login. This code can only be used once and will expire 15 minutes after receiving it. Once you enter the code, you will remain logged in for 24 hours. You will automatically be logged out from your account after 24 hours of inactivity. After that, a new passcode will need to be generated and entered to continue access. If you are having trouble accessing the email inbox on file with your account, please contact our Customer Experience team at

How do I update the email address on my account?

Due to new security measures in place, customers are unable to update their email address directly on the Quicksilver website. If you wish to change the email address associated with your account, please contact our Customer Experience team at and they can update the email address on your account for you.

What if multiple people leverage a single practitioner account?

If your office is using ONE email address to access your Practitioner account, they will need access to that email inbox to retrieve the 6-digit passcode to complete logging in. Please be sure that each person has access to that email’s inbox to retrieve the passcode. If you need to update this email to ensure everyone has access, please contact our Customer Experience team at


If you are tax exempt and were charged tax on your Quicksilver Scientific order please contact our Customer Experience team at Our Customer Experience team will verify your tax exemption documents and if exemption is confirmed, a refund will be issued for taxes charged. Our Customer Experience team will not be able to issue a refund if the proper tax exempt documentation cannot be verified in your account.