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Advanced Learning Seminar

Advanced Learning Seminar with logo and Quicksilver Scientific
In 2023, we are excited to bring you a live, in-person educational seminar with Dr. Shade as your teacher. At this intimate practitioner training, Dr. Shade will lecture on his clinical principles for effective detoxification, and how to successfully implement Quicksilver’s detoxification programs into your practice. We’re hosting this seminar around the country, find a location near you.

Please note, these are PRACTITIONER ONLY events.
All practitioner types are welcome.


  • Understanding how toxin exposure and burden creates multi-system biological dysfunction and degeneration, blocking patient progress.
  • Why detoxification is a core therapy that should be incorporated into every practice.
  • Mastery of Dr. Shade’s principles for proper and effective detoxification.
  • What makes Quicksilver Scientific’s detoxification methods unparalleled.
  • Explanation of Dr. Shade’s signature detoxification protocols and how to apply them in your practice.
Image of Dr Shade giving a lecture

Event Testimonials

- Dr. Larry Horton
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"This topic and Chris’ continuing contributions to effectively addressing it is without doubt the most relevant in contemporary health care. Important qualifier: I have a highly critical eye. This event was a perfect 10. The first time I’ve ever seen one in health care. The instructor, the staff, the venue, the subject matter, the food, the pacing. Mind boggling—and I’m accustomed to having my mind boggled. But this one was completely unanticipated. Many thanks and much love to everyone involved!"
- Dr. Angela Pogioli
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"Dr. Shade did an excellent job - perfect pace, easy to follow, and great note packets. He was kind enough to stay and answer all questions at the end. I have an even better appreciation of the superiority of QS products and the importance of starting with their detox protocols."
- Gerri Kier, CNHP
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"Being at a live event is SO Fun! Understanding the detox systems better and how the nutrients work together was very helpful. The pace of how Chris taught was perfect! Easy to follow and not too much information so my brain could track the entire teaching. The 2-up full color printed slide deck ROCKED!! Thank you!"
- Kelly Hatke, MNT
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"Incredible info behind the research and efficacy, mechanisms, and implementing protocols for different conditions and types of toxicity."
- Clare Kelway, BCHN
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"Outstanding - you did such a great job with this event - made everyone feel so welcome. Chris was his brilliant self - and I can't say anything except amazing! Thank you and I look forward to many more!"
Photo of Dr Shade with a circle around him


Christopher Shade, PhD, is the founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific. Dr. Shade’s vast depth and breadth of knowledge, passion for healing, and intuitive understanding of chemistry and biology are reflected in Quicksilver Scientific’s industry-leading detoxification formulations and protocols, state-of-the-art supplement delivery systems, and patented mercury speciation testing.

He has lectured and trained doctors in the US and internationally on the subjects of mercury, environmental toxicities, the human detoxification system, hormones and longevity, and the functional applications of dietary supplements in practice. Dr. Shade continues to focus on the expansion of applying nanoparticle delivery system technology throughout the health and wellness industries to improve human health potential.


October 28

AT&T Hotel & Conference Center

Austin, TX
June 3

National University of Health Sciences

Lombard, IL
May 6

Northern New Jersey

April 15

Tower Club

Fort Lauderdale, FL​
March 4

The Huntley Hotel

Santa Monica, CA
February 4

QS Headquarters

Louisville, CO

More dates and locations coming soon!

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