My Infrared Sauna Routine: A Look Inside Dr. Shade’s Personal & Enhanced Detox Protocol


Chris Shade, PhD
My Infrared Sauna Routine: A Look Inside Dr. Shade’s Personal & Enhanced Detox Protocol

In case you missed it, infrared sauna use is taking off as a staple longevity practice by professional athletes, celebrities, and our very own, Dr. Chris Shade. We sat down with our founder, CEO, and “Father of Detox” to better understand why and how he incorporates this practice into his personal biohacking regimen. 

What is your preferred method of detox and why incorporate sauna sessions?

Sauna use has long been linked to longevity, cardiovascular support, immune function, and detoxification. Supporting detoxification should be a foundational aspect of anyone’s wellness routine, especially in today’s world with the onslaught of toxins we are exposed to daily. If you know me, you know that Quicksilver was founded on the premise of detoxification and that’s why I use our signature PushCatch® Liver Detox protocol regularly to help me stay on top of my game, especially with my busy travel and work schedule. 

It’s a simple 2-step process that supports a cellular-level detox while also supporting liver health. Of course, I am partial towards Quicksilver’s products and protocols, but I also incorporate other tools into my detox practice to not only elevate my detoxification capabilities but to also support longevity. My number one biohack that takes my detoxification to the next level is infrared sauna sessions. 

A few years ago, I purchased an infrared sauna from Heal with Heat. These guys really know what they’re doing. They took the time to help me figure out which model would best meet my needs, and within days of ordering, they were installing the sauna into my house. And by my house, I mean my bedroom. Yes, my sauna is directly next to my bed which makes it easy for me to hop in the sauna upon waking or at the end of the day to clear out the remnants of my day and help me wind down. 

Infrared vs. Standard Saunas: What’s the Difference? 

Unlike a traditional sauna that uses a stove to raise the air temperature and heat your body, an infrared sauna uses infrared wavelengths to heat the space and increase your core body temperature. Infrared wavelengths are naturally occurring electromagnetic radiation invisible to the eye. (Source)  

Infrared saunas run at lower, less oppressive ambient temperatures of around 120° to 150° Fahrenheit compared to traditional saunas. An infrared sauna works effectively at a lower temperature because infrared wavelengths heat the body by raising the core body temperature rather than simply heating the air around you. 

There are different types of infrared heat that these saunas can utilize, and each type supports a different aspect of health. (Source, Source, Source) My sauna incorporates all three types of light for a full spectrum of benefits. 

  • Near Infrared heat: This is the shortest wavelength of infrared light and penetrates the deepest into tissues. It is the most effective for supporting healthy skin by facilitating collagen production and blood circulation. 
  • Mid Infrared heat: This type of Infrared light is a longer wavelength that penetrates moderately into the body's soft tissues. 
  • Far Infrared heat: This is the longest wavelength in the infrared spectrum, which generates significant heat in the upper layers of tissue, which then spreads deeper through conduction and circulation to efficiently raise core body temperature.  

Can you share your personalized infrared sauna/detox protocol?

Sure, it’s pretty straight forward and has basically three steps.

First, I let the sauna warm up for about 15 minutes. Once it’s up to the temp I like, about 140-150° Fahrenheit, I prepare my detoxification supplements. (I do this routine on an empty stomach)

1. Preparing for the “push” of toxins: Quicksilver’s signature Advanced Push Catch® protocol is my go-to for a streamlined, quick round of detox that is enhanced through my sauna session. 

The products and dosing I take: 

- 5 pumps Liposomal Glutathione 

- 1 tsp Liver Sauce 

- 1 tsp Kidney Care 

- 1 tsp Membrane Mend 

I take each product in succession, holding the liquid in my mouth for 30-90 seconds for maximum absorption. These products work beautifully to coordinate the phases of detox that help push toxins from cells by activating key detoxification pathways. 

2. Next, and before I jump into the sauna, I mix 1-2 teaspoons of Ultra Binder powder into 8-12 oz of filtered water. Then – I start my sauna session.  I also bring plain filtered water in with me. 

3. I typically spend about 20-30 minutes in the sauna, enough time to break into a serious sweat. At around minute 20, I start drinking my glass of Ultra Binder. Ultra Binder contains a synergistic mixture of natural toxin binding ingredients so that as my body begins mobilizing toxins from cells and into circulation, (this happens both from my liposomal ‘Push’ products and from the heat of the sauna) the binder can start ‘catching’ the toxins, so they don’t get recirculated. 

That’s it! After 30 minutes, I hop in the shower and make sure to wash off all of those toxins that have been released through my sweat. The binder will continue to work over the next 30 minutes to mop up toxins and prepare them for removal.  

And one more thing, before I get on with my day, I make sure to hydrate with 2 ampoules of Quinton® Hypertonic seawater to restore a healthy electrolyte and water balance post-sauna session. 

Any final thoughts on infrared saunas you’d like to share?

Infrared saunas are a fantastic addition to any wellness routine – and especially for detoxification. My choice is a Heal with Heat Infrared Sauna. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality and care they put into their saunas along with the outstanding service they provide. Can you believe delivery and installation was fully included? I was working up a sweat in my new sauna within minutes of it arriving at my door! Now, get detoxing with Quicksilver’s Advanced Push Catch® and start sweating with Heal with Heat! 

Visit to learn more about Clearlight Saunas and to speak with a sauna expert, call 800-317-5070 or email The Heal with Heat team is very education-focused and never pushy - they’re always there to support you on your health journey. Don’t forget to mention code DRSHADE for an extra discount when ordering!


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