A Conversation with Dr. Haroldo Magarinos, Board-Certified Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of Revolution Gut Health

A Conversation with Dr. Haroldo Magarinos, Board-Certified Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of Revolution Gut Health

With June being Men’s Health Month and the month of Father’s Day, we sat down with Dr. Haroldo Magarinos, one of our favorite board-certified Naturopathic Doctors, who is also a dad, business owner, and has an overall wealth of knowledge. We asked him how he successfully balances his life as a dad while running a thriving practice. Read on to hear the inspiration behind Revolution Gut Health and how Dr. Magarinos balances his growing practice and family time.  


Q: What or who has had the largest impact on your path in creating Revolution Gut Health? 

A: My family, especially my wife. She believed in me from the beginning and gave me the strength and love to start and grow my business even in challenging times.  

Also, two good friends, Pete, and Craig, became my business partners at various times during the project. My friend Pete is an amazing scientist and human, and he got me started with the project and paved the path for growth. Craig helped me continue the expansion.  He's a great friend and co-founder of Revolution Gut Health. He and Pete are very passionate about human health and bringing betterment to people who need help. I am extremely fortunate to have all of them in my life.  


Q: Tell us about your decision to become a dad. 

A: The decision came after meeting the woman I saw myself living with and building a family with. I always dreamed of becoming a dad, but I knew that the journey would be even more exciting with the right life partner. I am blessed to have that dream fulfilled.   


Q: What are the benefits and challenges of growing a practice while being a dad? 

A: Many! It was not easy. Being a dad is a full-time job. You can't ever fully disconnect, and that makes your time scarcer and more precious, so building a business while being the dad of a newborn took all my focus and discipline to use every minute of the day wisely.  


Q: What is your philosophy for achieving optimal health and balance in your life? 

A: I do my best to take care of the three main pillars of health: mind, body, and spirit. I am always paying attention to my thoughts and keeping them focused on what I want to project in my life. Having a positive-driven mind is a key to health. I keep myself close to people who bring me betterment in my feelings. Constructing a healthy spirit has a lot to do with the communities you bring into your life. The body part is the easiest compared to the other two. I like to keep my routine simple: eat clean and diverse, sleep well, supplement with foundational nutrients, and stay active. Lately, toxic exposure avoidance has been another key part of my health journey. Unfortunately, toxicity is becoming a big problem for many people around the globe.  


Q: What are your top 3 non-negotiables for maintaining a healthy life as a dad? 

A: I want to leave time available for my daughter and have at least one meal a day together. Also, I want to become a better human. The healthier, stronger, kinder, and wiser you become, the more positively your child's life will impact you. I believe our children are, in part, a reflection of the world we show them, including who you are and what you do daily.  


Q: What aspects of health and wellness has your child adopted? 

A: My daughter knows that we don't buy it if it is not organic! Eating healthy homemade foods and indulging in nature and wildlife are vast parts of her day. Also, dancing and staying active became very important for her at a young age.  


Q: Tell us something your child has taught you. 

A: My daughter teaches me kindness every day—to see the world again more innocently and find beauty in things and people that sometimes we forget are there. She is my inspiration and strength in everything I do. 


Rapid Fire  

Q: Father’s Day Golf or Father’s Day BBQ? 

A: Father’s Day BBQ! 

Q: Weightlifting or Cardio?  

A: Weightlifting  

Q: Bare feet or toe-shoes?  

A: Bare feet  

Q: Cold plunge or Sauna?  

A: Sauna   

Q: Favorite QS Supplement?  

A: Liver Sauce! 

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