The Problem with Most Electrolyte Supplements and Beverages


Lindsay Christensen


The Problem with Most Electrolyte Supplements and Beverages

If you're shopping around for electrolyte beverages or supplements, there are plenty of options out there. Unfortunately, the quality of these options is questionable, with many containing unwanted additives and lacking the full spectrum of minerals necessary for optimal hydration.  

Here are the three main problems with most electrolytes on the market: 

  1. Their mineral profile is lacking. Most contain only sodium and potassium. For example, Gatorade and coconut water, often touted for their hydrating properties, provide mainly sodium and potassium. While these two minerals are essential for hydration, these beverages lack significant amounts of other minerals necessary for proper hydration, including magnesium and calcium.  
  2. They contain added sugars. A common added sugar to these products is dextrose, a sugar that we readily know as glucose. Other sneaky sugar substitutes include stevia and monk fruit. Although they are both technically natural, they still go through some processing and often leave a less-than palatable after taste.  
  3. They contain other additives. Many electrolyte powders and tablets contain citric acid and “natural flavors,” which are additives that can be irritating to sensitive bodies. Gatorade and Powerade contain artificial coloring agents derived from petroleum, including Red 40, which have been linked to abnormal cell growth and may harm our friendly gut bacteria. (1) (2) Some electrolyte supplements also contain maltodextrin, an intensely processed carbohydrate often used in manufactured foods that has been shown to disrupt the gut microbiome. (3) 

Seawater Mineralization is the Superior Electrolyte Solution 

If you want to optimally hydrate your body with a comprehensive spectrum of minerals without consuming additives and unnecessary added sugars, then seawater mineralization is the solution for you. Here’s what you need to know.   

They are 100% natural.  

Not only do seawater minerals offer a 100% natural electrolyte solution, but they are often sugar-free and free of additives and fillers. Because of the ionic bioavailability of these natural, marine-based minerals and elements, seawater helps support hydromineral balancing of cells.  

Filtered seawater minerals may support healthy electrolyte levels during exercise.  

Natural seawater mineral solutions contain the spectrum of minerals and trace elements that are found in the periodic table to offer deep hydration during high-intensity and endurance exercise. This is preferred over consuming plain water during extreme physical exertion as water can lower blood sodium levels.(4) Sodium, such as that in Quinton® Hypertonic, is beneficial for performance during and recovery after demanding endurance events; it may even help address the buildup of lactate that can lead to “bonking” during endurance events. (5, 6) Interestingly, exercising men and women who rehydrate with filtered seawater have been shown to experience a more rapid return to baseline hydration status compared to those who rehydrated with a sports drink (Gatorade) or mountain spring water. (7) 

The rare trace minerals and bioactive compounds in filtered seawater support important systems of the body.  

Preliminary research suggests filtered seawater may support healthy cellular immune and cognitive functions. (8, 9) In addition, filtered seawater may also support metabolic health by supporting the body’s antioxidant systems and by activating the AMPK pathway, a biochemical pathway that regulates metabolism and inflammatory processes. (10, 11) It may also support healthy blood sugar control, which is crucial for energy output and longevity.(12) 

Meet Quinton® Hypertonic!

It’s important to note that all filtered seawater supplements are NOT created equal. I’m sure you’ve accidentally inhaled a mouthful of seawater while swimming in the ocean, and yes, seawater contains salt (sodium) and a bunch of other things that you probably don’t want to be ingesting. When shopping for a quality seawater mineralization product, you want to ensure that it is harvested from a mineral rich area of the ocean and micro-filtered to remove any contaminants. Just drinking plain seawater or salt water for that matter won’t deliver the benefits you are seeking.  

Quinton® Hypertonic contains nutrient-rich, raw, filtered seawater sourced from the Bay of Biscay off the coast of France's where dense plankton fields bloom. This bloom was discovered in 1887 by French Biologist and Physiologist, René Quinton who based his scientific theory on a universal premise that damaged cells may be repaired through marine therapy. Plankton in this bloom transforms the seawater to create a nutritious fluid that is carefully filtered and processed to retain its natural mineral balance. The resulting liquid is a hypertonic solution providing three times the mineral concentration of blood plasma, making it perfect for supporting rehydration and revitalization of the body.  

This phytoplankton bloom, (and Quinton® Hypertonic) contains up to 78 essential minerals and trace elements necessary for hydration, not just sodium and potassium. In addition, it is naturally sugar-free and contains bioactive compounds that support the immune system, healthy cellular function, and detoxification.  

The Bottom Line on Hydrating with Pure, Filtered Seawater. 

If you want to go above and beyond for your body, then the pure cold micro-filtered seawater provided by Quinton® Hypertonic is the superior choice. When you choose pure micro-filtered seawater as your electrolyte option, you'll supply your body with the essential electrolytes, sodium and potassium and an array of other bioactive compounds that help your brain and body function optimally.   

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