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The Skinny Shot. What You Need to Know.

June 23, 2023


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We’re sure you’ve heard of the trending weight loss peptide shots that are taking the country by storm. You may already be prescribing them to your overweight and high A1c patients. Also coined the ‘skinny shot’, these weekly peptide injections are lowering blood sugar and shedding pounds from celebrities and soccer moms alike.

Although the early data is promising, common side effects of nausea, abdominal pain, and gallbladder troubles have a lot of patients complaining.




These specialty peptides support a hormone called GLP-1 to help regulate blood sugar and slow gastric emptying. Because of this effect, users tend to eat less and lose weight. As good as it sounds, this ‘magic bullet’ comes with a few downsides.


Gallbladder troubles

Because these shots slow gastric emptying, there is a higher risk for gallbladder issues. A JAMA meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials determined that at low doses, risks include stenosis, stones, and inflammation of the bile ducts. (1)

Release of Toxins

It is well known that fat cells store many dangerous toxins. Largely due to their lipophilicity, POPs and other organic compounds bioaccumulate in adipose tissue, resulting in greater body burdens of these environmental toxicants with obesity. (2) Weight loss releases toxins from adipose tissue and moves them into circulation. The body’s natural detoxification system can often support the removal of these toxins, but with rapid weight loss, this higher toxic load can cause toxicity symptoms like fatigue, headaches, brain fog, and moodiness.

Nutrient Depletion

Nausea and slow gastric emptying can reduce appetite and limit nutrient intake. These symptoms may spur patients to reach for foods that are easier to digest like simple carbohydrates. And with a sluggish digestion, they may shy away from more nutrient dense foods like raw vegetables or healthy fats because they’re harder to digest. This cycle can cause nutrient status to quickly take a nosedive leaving them feeling lethargic and out of gas.

Muscle Loss and Sagging Skin

There is a lot of talk around these shots effecting muscles, bone density and skin elasticity. Unfortunately, with rapid weight loss, there can be higher risk for decrease in muscle mass, bone loss, and depending on how much weight is shed, sagging skin. (3)




If you or your patients are giving the peptide shots a try, here are a few recommendations for a smoother peptide experience.

1. Support digestion, bile production and flow with bitter herbs.

2. Take binding agents to help catch and remove circulating toxins.

3. Replete key nutrients and minerals with a multi-vitamin and mineral complex.

4. Support muscles, bones and skin by increasing protein intake and supplementing with collagen daily along with branch chain amino acids after strength or resistance workouts.



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In this Article

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