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Clinical Metals Testing

Mercury Tri-Test

The Quicksilver Scientific® CLIA-certified laboratory specializes in advanced mercury speciation testing, using the patented Mercury Tri-Test. This test utilizes samples of hair, blood, and urine to assess for the body’s mercury burden and its ability to eliminate it. This test helps practitioners and patients to understand the magnitude and source of mercury exposure, as well as if additional support is needed in the process of mercury detoxification.

The Quicksilver Mercury Tri-Test is the only clinical test that utilizes mercury speciation analysis, a patented advanced technology that separates methyl mercury (MeHg) from inorganic mercury (HgII) and measures each directly. Quicksilver Scientific’s instruments are sensitive enough to measure ambient mercury levels in the body without the need for challenge testing. Our laboratory test provides unprecedented information for healthcare practitioners, allowing them to assess their patient’s exposure sources, body burden, and ability to excrete each form of mercury. This detailed information helps build an informed picture and allows the clinician to plan a rational approach to a successful detoxification strategy for the patient.

Blood Metals Panel

Quicksilver Scientific’s Blood Metals Panel screens for a broad range of potentially toxic and nutrient metals to show elevated exposure to toxic metals or imbalances of nutrient metals in whole blood. Results from this test can be used as a standalone screening, or to enhance information obtained from the Mercury Tri-Test. Because different protocols or support may be indicated to balance the other potentially toxic and nutrient elements in the blood, the most effective detoxification protocol can then be selected by a practitioner.


This whole-blood elemental metals analysis uses state-of-the-art inductively coupled plasma/mass spectroscopy. The test measures levels for 16 metals, including beneficial nutrient metals and potentially toxic metals.

How to Order Testing

Practitioner and Direct Access Patient Ordering

The Mercury Tri-Test and Blood Metals Panel are available for Licensed Practitioners to purchase through our website.


In certain states, non-practitioners are able to order through Direct Access Testing (DAT). Currently, these states include Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. No matter where you live, we strongly suggest that you work with a practitioner to complete your testing.


If you are in a DAT state and wish to purchase a test kit, you must place and prepay for your test through our website. We do not accept DAT kit phone orders. Please be aware that if you decide to purchase a kit, you are responsible for locating a phlebotomist in your area and paying them for their service. Again, we highly encourage you to work with your local practitioner instead of purchasing directly as they will be key in interpreting your test and making any protocol recommendations.


A note about New York: Due to the restrictions of the State of New York Department of Health, the Quicksilver Scientific lab cannot accept or analyze samples taken in New York or shipped from New York. Instead, we recommend you arrange testing with a practitioner in a surrounding state.

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