The Deluxe Detox Qube®

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The Deluxe Detox Qube® is a larger, more complete version of the Detox Qube plus EDTA that allows people to follow the protocol for a longer period of time at larger doses. This makes for a more systematic and thorough detoxification process and is especially effective for more acute patients.

It contains all the elements necessary for systemic glutathione system support to enable natural detoxification. It is designed to lower metal burdens by strengthening the glutathione system, which enables natural detoxification at the cellular level.

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The Deluxe Detox Qube® contains:

  • 2 x Liposomal EDTA w/ R-Lipoic Acid (120ml)
  • 1 x IMD Intestinal Cleanse (9g)
  • 2 x Clear Way Cofactors (120 count)
  • 6 x Liposomal Glutathione (50ml)
  • 6 x Vitamin-C w/ R-Lipoic Acid (50ml)
  • 5 x Pure PC (120ml)
  • 4 x Dr. Shade’s Bitters No. 9 (50ml)
  • 2 x Methyl B-Complex (50ml
  • 3 x Original Quinton Isotonic® (30 amps)
  • 3 x Original Quinton Hypertonic® (30 amps)

EDTA is included for the targeting of other heavy metals besides mercury. Nano-sized liposomal delivery systems are highly absorbed orally, including EDTA, with the very small liposomes allowing for intracellular delivery of their encapsulated contents. The liposomal delivery of these beneficial compounds will also support natural, optimal health, by increasing bioavailability and nourishing cell for a whole-body cleanse. The Original Quinton Isotonic® and Original Quinton Hypertonic® products are included in the Deluxe Detox Qube to support parasympathetic balance, adrenal function, detoxification of the extracellular matrix, and remineralization which are also critical with detoxification.* These products should be used following Dr. Shade’s Deluxe Detox Qube protocol to complete the “Three Levels of Detox.” Each successive level uses higher dosing than the previous; as such, the contents are consumed in a shorter time for each level. Levels should be completed in sequence.

Because most oral glutathione breaks down in the stomach before even reaching cells, Dr. Chris Shade developed our Liposomal Glutathione. Liposomes protect the core ingredients from the digestive system and increase their bioavailability and transport to cells. As a result, Liposomal Glutathione is the most effective way to supplement glutathione.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If pregnant, consult a physician before use.


  • This protocol can be taken for a longer period of time at larger doses
  • Supports the elimination of heavy metals from the body
  • Strengthens the glutathione system


  • This protocol can be taken for a longer period of time at larger doses
  • Supports the elimination of heavy metals from the body
  • Strengthens the glutathione system

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