Dr. Christine Maren: Do I Need a New Year’s Detox?

We couldn’t agree more with Dr. Christine Maren and the importance of detoxification.
“Do you need a new year’s detox (or detox in general)? The answer is probably yes. I realize this may conflict with what many other physicians and medical professionals will tell you. After all, we’re trained that the body has built-in detoxification systems, which makes any additional detoxification practices unnecessary. However, after years of treating patients in traditional medical settings and now in my functional medicine practice, I believe nearly everyone can benefit from a regular, targeted detox program.”
In this article, Dr. Maren does a deep dive into why she recommends most of her patients partake in at least an annual detox, including:
 Why Dr. Christine Maren recommends Quicksilver Scientific’s Advanced PushCatch® Detox System. Read the full article here.
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