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The Longevity Wheel

Introducing the Longevity Wheel: Quicksilver Scientific’s comprehensive approach to defining and unlocking the keys to age optimization.

You may already be familiar with our systemized method to master detoxification. We’ve applied the same science-backed systematization to our six-spoke Longevity Wheel.

Cutting through the single-focus solutions that surround anti-aging today we dove deeply into the research and identified the collection of biochemical pathways, mechanisms, and molecules that impact aging, developing an all-inclusive, system-based strategy to help the aging process.

We call it the Longevity Wheel.

Dr Shade in the Quicksilver Scientific lab
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What is Longevity?

From the moment we are born, our bodies are aging. Statistically, we may be living longer, but research also indicates that we are not aging with grace. Stress, poor diets, sedentary lifestyles, and toxicity are just a few of the things impacting how well we grow old.†

Statistics show that a mere 12 percent of U.S. adults are metabolically healthy. The daily choices we make significantly influence how fast we age — modifying our healthspan versus lifespan.† What does that mean?

Lifespan: Defined as the length of time for which you live. Lifespan is measured by your chronological age or age in years.

Healthspan: Defined as the period of your life spent in good health. Biological age (as determined by various clinical biomarkers) is a predictor of your healthspan.

The time has come for us to “design” a process for aging healthfully — and reject the health declines we’ve mistakenly come to perceive as inevitable.

Quicksilver Scientific’s founder, Dr. Shade reminds us, we have two choices: “We can sit back in a passive way or act in defiance to hang on to our vibrance and optimize our healthspan.”

The Longevity Wheel

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The Longevity Wheel is our six-spoke framework and comprehensive approach to biohacking conventional aging assumptions. It addresses multiple hallmarks of aging that can negatively impact healthspan including:

  • Genomic instability
  • Telomere shortening
  • Epigenetic alterations, such as altered methylation
  • Loss of proteostasis
  • Deregulated nutrient sensing
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Cellular senescence
  • Stem cell exhaustion 
  • Altered intercellular communication

This cutting-edge, systematized approach to longevity addresses these hallmarks through our customized protocols, programs, and longevity products. We strategically apply the most researched compounds and nutraceuticals available to positively impact each spoke of the wheel to elevate human longevity.

At Quicksilver Scientific, we’re Chemists. Biohackers. Age rebels.  We understand that aging is inevitable, but also recognize that poor health is optional. It’s our birthright to live in wellness throughout our lifespan and we are here to not only support this vision but to lead the way.

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