Quicksilver Scientific and Ananda Health Forge Partnership for High-Quality Gummy Manufacturing

—Industry Leaders Collaborate to Elevate Industry Standards—

Louisville, Colo. May 24, 2023 – Quicksilver Scientific, Inc.,a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements featuring proprietary delivery systems and Ananda Health, a a cGMP-certified supplement manufacturer, today announced a partnership for Ananda Health to manufacture Quicksilver Scientific’s reformulated fast-acting CBD gummies, with an anticipated June 2023 launch. These next-generation CBD gummies will combine Quicksilver Scientific’s cutting-edge liposomal ingredient formulations with Ananda Health’s industry-leading manufacturing practices to deliver a best-in-class third-party tested hemp wellness product to consumers.

Quicksilver Scientific’s partnership with Ananda Health exemplifies how businesses are proactively working together to comply with anticipated FDA regulatory changes on cannabinoid-based dietary supplements. Long-term partnership plans include the development of a Quicksilver Scientific liposomal CBD line made with Ananda Health extracts as well as additional CBD gummies options.

“Our partnership with Ananda Health represents a major step forward in our customer commitment to delivering the highest quality liposomal gummies that offer unmatched bioavailability when compared to other products on the market today,” said Dr. Christopher Shade, CEO, Quicksilver Scientific. “Ananda Health stood out from other manufacturers in terms of quality, responsiveness, and certifications, making them an ideal partner to help us raise the standard within the dietary supplements industry.”

Ananda Health, a division of Ecofibre, has undertaken several initiatives in anticipation of upcoming regulatory changes, including expanding in-house production capabilities for greater control of consistency and quality. The company also added gummies to its existing tincture, topical, and skincare capabilities.

“We are excited to work with high-quality brands like Quicksilver Scientific to elevate industry standards and ensure the best possible products reach consumers,” said Neal Mercado, CMO, Ecofibre. “Together, we will not only help pave the way for compliance with future regulations but also demonstrate the benefits of collaboration and innovation within the hemp-derived extract industry.”

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About Quicksilver Scientific

Quicksilver Scientific, Inc. is a leading U.S. manufacturer of premium nutraceuticals. Our mission: combine nature’s nutrients with innovative science to empower people’s health journey. We’ve pioneered a holistic solution to meet any modern health goal: testing that identifies toxicity levels; professional protocols that detoxify the body; and an evolving pharmacy of liposomal supplements. Quicksilver Scientific’s advanced nanoparticle technology has resulted in the world’s most sophisticated liposomal delivery system — solving the industry’s “bioavailability problem” by sending the highest-quality nutrients into the cells for more direct absorption.

Our award-winning products and protocols are used by practitioners and consumers worldwide. From our Colorado headquarters and cGMP-certified lab, we quality control every batch and third-party test to meet safety and potency standards of the R&D and manufacturing processes. At Quicksilver Scientific, we’re inspired by nature. Powered by science. And committed to improving the well-being of everyone we touch.

Located in Louisville, Colo., Quicksilver Scientific has been named one of the fastest-growing private companies in Colorado by the Denver Business Journaland is listed as No. 3,189 on the annual Inc. 5000 list in 2021, where it ranks #3 among Boulder metro companies. For more information, visit www.quicksilverscientific.uk and  and www.quicksilverscientific.com.  Shop our products. Learn more about our science on  YouTube. Continue the conversation on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn .


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