Quicksilver Scientific Innovates Highly-Bioavailable, Fast-Acting Gummies Designed for the Future of Well-Being

Gummies combine trusted nutraceuticals with cutting-edge nanoemulsion technology to target nutritional support, immunity support, and everyday stress relief

LOUISVILLE, CO (July 12, 2023) – Quicksilver Scientific, a leading manufacturer of premium nutraceuticals, is introducing a comprehensive lineup of nanoemulsion-powered, highly bioavailable gummies designed for overall wellness, immune support, and everyday stress relief. These flavorful vegan gummies address growing demand for convenient, fast-acting, highly bioavailable supplements that align with consumers’ wellness goals.

Quicksilver Scientific’s gummies are launching at a time when the dietary supplement market is booming. The overall nutritional supplement market is projected to grow 9% by the end of the decade. Gummies, in particular, are positioned for strong growth, with a 2021 report by Grand View Research reporting that nutritional gummy sales are on pace for 12.6% CAGR, and are forecast to reach $42 billion in global sales by 2028. Growth in the gummies category is fueled by consumer demand for flavorful, convenient options that fit within busy on-the-go lifestyles. At the same time, increasingly knowledgeable consumers are asking important questions about product efficacy and ingredient purity.

“There’s a clear demand for smart, innovative health solutions,” said Dr. Christopher Shade, Founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific. “Healthcare practitioners and consumers are seeking strategies that can effectively counteract the imbalances caused by today’s nutrient-deficit foods and the stressors of modern life. Our new gummy supplement product line, featuring our highly advanced Quicksilver Delivery Systems®, ensures high bioavailability of beneficial nutraceuticals. These products are more than just supplements; they represent an individualized and robust approach to supplementation, responding to the growing market demand.”

Quicksilver Delivery Systems® improve upon conventional liposomal and emulsification technologies by using smaller, more stable particles derived from top-quality ingredients. These modifications help increase absorption rates dramatically, support diffusion across mucous membranes, aid in lymphatic circulation of nutrients, and assist cellular delivery, resulting in high bioavailability. For example, Quicksilver Scientific’s Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies boast twice the bioavailability of other leading gummy-based hemp supplements. Their effects can be felt within 5 minutes, with peak effects occurring three times faster than conventional CBD gummies.

The new Quicksilver Scientific gummies feature clean, allergen-free, vegan ingredients with no artificial colors or sweeteners, and are powered by Quicksilver Delivery Systems® technology providing high absorption and fast effects. Available gummies include:

  • Daily Immune Gummies: The Daily Immune Gummies offer a convenient, great-tasting way to support the body’s immune response. Each two-gummy serving combines the natural power of Haschberg European black elderberry extract, revered for its immune-supporting high levels of anthocyanin flavonoids, with highly bioavailable forms of zinc and vitamins A, D, C, and K, formulated to help defend against seasonal stressors while supporting long-term immune resilience.


  • Daily Vitamin Gummies: Our Daily Vitamin Gummies are a powerful ally when addressing modern nutritional deficiencies. Each serving provides a balanced mix of activateda highly bioavailable format. Immune-supporting Vitamin C and carotenoids, plant pigments that act as potent antioxidants, round out the ingredients, further enhancing the comprehensive nutritional support provided by these gummies.



  • CBD Synergies-AX Gummies: We formulated our THC-free CBD Synergies-AX Gummies with a unique blend of broad spectrum hemp extract, CBD,

“In an increasingly health-conscious market, the demand for highly effective supplements is surging,” Dr. Shade said. “At Quicksilver Scientific, we’re leveraging our proprietary Delivery Systems® technology to meet this demand with products that offer superior bioavailability. We’re not just creating supplements; we’re creating the future of personalized wellbeing.”

Find Quicksilver Scientific’s gummies at quicksilverscientific.com

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About Quicksilver Scientific

Quicksilver Scientific, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of premium nutraceuticals. Our mission: combine nature’s nutrients with innovative science to empower people’s health journey. We’ve pioneered a holistic solution to meet any modern health goal: testing that identifies toxicity levels; professional protocols that detoxify the body; and an evolving pharmacy of liposomal supplements. Quicksilver Scientific’s advanced nanoparticle technology has resulted in the world’s most sophisticated liposomal delivery system — solving the industry’s “bioavailability problem” by sending the highest-quality nutrients into the cells for more direct absorption. 


Our award-winning products and protocols are used by practitioners and consumers worldwide. From our Colorado headquarters and cGMP-certified manufacturing and lab, we quality control every batch and third-party test to meet safety and potency standards of the R&D and manufacturing processes. At Quicksilver Scientific, we’re inspired by nature. Powered by science. And committed to improving the well-being of everyone we touch.

Located in Louisville, Colo., Quicksilver Scientific has been named one of the fastest-growing private companies in Colorado by the Denver Business Journal and is listed as No. 3,189 on the annual Inc. 5000 list in 2021, where it ranks #3 among Boulder metro companies. For more information, visit www.quicksilverscientific.com. Shop our products.  Learn more about our science on YouTube. Continue the conversation on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn .


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