Quicksilver Scientific introduces Immune Charge+ Throat Spray


Providing ‘always there’ zinc-based fortification when exposure to immune threats is unavoidable



LOUISVILLE, Colo. (Nov. 16, 2020) – As winter looms, consumers are seeking to arm themselves with on-the-go measures such as hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and immune-supporting supplements for those times when exposure to threats is unavoidable. To meet this growing demand, Quicksilver Scientific has added to its growing suite of immunity products with the launch of Immune Charge+™ Throat Spray, a highly bioavailable zinc-based spray designed to deliver immune support directly to the throat and upper respiratory tract for fast-acting fortification of immune defenses.


“Clearly, we’re all seeking to minimize exposure to immune threats during this uncertain time,” said Dr. Christopher Shade, Founder & CEO of Quicksilver Scientific. “However, we all have busy lives, and it is impossible to eliminate every outside risk. Providing the immune system with the support of needed nutrients is an essential part of our defenses, along with wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer regularly. Having that support available wherever you are is even more beneficial.”

Clinical studies have proven that zinc aids the immune system by helping to increase production of T-cells and white blood cells that help the body fight off invaders. When taken at the onset of symptoms, zinc can help decrease the length and severity of illness by helping to block the pathway bacteria use to absorb nutrients, essentially starving them and making it easier for the immune cells to kill them.


Combined with its on-the-go availability, the proprietary zinc complex of Immune Charge+ Throat Spray delivers fast-acting immune system support by providing this zinc boost at the moment an immune challenge is encountered. Its unique zinc ionophore formula combines zinc with quercetin, luteolin and propolis, which serve as zinc “transporters” in and out of the cell and can help to increase the effects of zinc in the cell. The Immune Charge+ Throat Spray is priced at $18.50, providing powerful immune support at an accessible price point. Quicksilver Scientific’s proprietary formulation enables the following immune system benefits:

  • Rapidly delivers intracellular zinc in the upper respiratory tract
  • Supports the production and function of key immune cells in the throat and upper respiratory tract
  • Empowers year-round resilience


“Today, we’re all reaching for any advantage we can find to help support a healthy immune response,” Dr. Shade said. “It isn’t enough to just limit contact with others and wash our hands because those protections alone don’t always work. We also need to ensure our immune system is strong. Our Immune Charge+ Throat Spray is designed to help provide immune support. It is perfect for out-of-the home excursions, seasonal exposures and year-round fortification of defenses.”


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