Quicksilver Scientific Promotes Michelle Ahbe to VP of Marketing

Ahbe will lead marketing efforts for the premium nutraceutical manufacturer

Louisville, Colo. (March 22, 2022)– Leading health and nutrition supplements manufacturer Quicksilver Scientific announces today the appointment of Michelle Ahbe as Vice President of Marketing. Ahbe joined Quicksilver Scientific’s marketing department in October 2020, bringing over a decade of consumer packaged goods brand management experience, most notably from her time at Molson Coors Beverage Company where she led Blue Moon global brand marketing and oversaw the launch of Blue Moon LightSky.

Ahbe quickly demonstrated her expertise at Quicksilver Scientific, developing and launching the Apricō brand and earning successive promotions due to her skill and savvy in building brand awareness, relevance and consumer loyalty. Ahbe’s marketing efforts have resulted in Quicksilver Scientific’s 2021 consumer business growing +11% vs. 2020 and a massive 120% vs. 2019.

“Michelle has been an asset to the business since day one,” said Linda Nielander, Executive Vice President of Quicksilver Scientific. “As her roles in the company have advanced, she has proven herself not only capable of handling increasingly complex challenges but also of being a skilled and passionate leader.”

In her new role, Ahbe will assume leadership of the marketing team, overseeing the development and execution of brand marketing, integrated communications and portfolio strategies in support of the rapidly growing Quicksilver, Apricō and Quinton brands. With goals of driving growth into high-value customer segments and markets, Ahbe will help seed and generate new and existing consumer demand, all while building long-term, sustainable brand equity.

“Wellness is an important part of my personal life, and I am extremely passionate about shaping how individuals consume supplements and view wellness products through relevant, sticky marketing, with products that work,” Ahbe said. “In my new role, and in partnership with our incredible marketing team, I’m eager to educate consumers and continue to grow Quicksilver Scientific as a leading, science-backed supplement brand with unparalleled efficacy. The runway for growth within the space is unprecedented right now, and Quicksilver Scientific and its subsequent brands are primed to emerge as category leaders.”

Ahbe led the development and launch of Apricō, Quicksilver Scientific’s direct-to-consumer wellness brand that provides plant-based health solutions that can be an essential part of everyday life for the modern, health-conscious consumer.  Apricō combines ancient plant compounds with nanoemulsion technology to create effective, specialized supplement blends in easy-to-take formats. The product line features convenient, great-tasting drops, gummies, shots and sachets for preventative, daily, and targeted care – Detox + Cleanse drops, Essential Daily Vitamin gummies or drops, Daily Immunity gummies or Immunity shots, Broad Spectrum Hemp gummies or drops, Everyday Stress Relief gummies or drops, Focus + Clarity shots, Sleep Easy drops, Hydrate + Replenish sachets, and Anti-Aging capsules – all infused with a hint of savory botanicals and all-natural fruit essence for a great taste. Apricō and Quicksilver products can be found online at aprico.life and quicksilverscientific.com, along with select premium retailers including Erewhon.

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About Quicksilver Scientific

Quicksilver Scientific, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of premium nutraceuticals. Our mission: combine nature’s nutrients with innovative science to empower people’s health journey. We’ve pioneered a holistic solution to meet any modern health goal: testing that identifies toxicity levels; professional protocols that detoxify the body; and an evolving pharmacy of liposomal supplements. Quicksilver Scientific’s advanced nanoparticle technology has resulted in a premier and sophisticated delivery system — solving the industry’s “bioavailability problem” by sending the highest-quality nutrients into the cells for more direct absorption.*

Our award-winning products and protocols are used by practitioners and consumers worldwide. From our Colorado headquarters and cGMP-certified lab, we test every batch to meet safety and potency standards of the manufacturing processes. At Quicksilver Scientific, we’re inspired by nature. Powered by science. And committed to improving the well-being of everyone we touch.

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