Reboot in 2021 with new Quicksilver 30 Day Reset


Powerful program includes science-based supplements  and personal support to help restore optimal wellness


Louisville, Colo. (Dec. 16, 2020)—After nearly a year of collective quarantine, Quicksilver Scientific is offering an inspiring new program to help reboot and reinvigorate health from the inside out, in just 30 days.


The Quicksilver Scientific 30 Day Reset program (retail: $302.50) pairs the company’s groundbreaking detox, energy, and longevity formulas with nutrition, education, and lifestyle tools that will help participants achieve optimal wellness. The science-based protocol includes home-delivery of supplements, with information about the intent behind each one and a dosing schedule, as well as personalized lifestyle supports such as easy exercise ideas, self-care tips, and a holistic approach to health.


“The ongoing pandemic has caused an inordinate amount of stress for many, which can be compounded by a sense of a lack of control, subpar food choices and less exercise,” said Christopher Shade, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, Quicksilver Scientific.  “A 2021 health reboot is the ideal way to reset the body, restart routines and reinvigorate health goals. Our 30 Day Reset Program is backed by a foundational nutraceutical protocol and has the ability to quickly help participants regain control of their wellness and restore their bodies to full potential.”


Supplements in the 30-day reset program help enhance energy and regenerative capacity, drive crucial cellular processes, “mop up” toxins that have been excreted into the gut, replenish mineral balance, support alertness and stamina and help reset whole-body health. The 30 Day Reset Program features:

  • AMPK Charge+™: AMPK activation helps promote metabolic health, accelerated fat burning, and a healthy inflammatory balance. In modern-day society, it is typical to be in a chronically fed state, which can be problematic as this prevents the body from realizing the health benefits of AMPK, compromising metabolic health and promoting body fat storage. AMPK Charge+ combines an abundance of plant-based compounds that support AMPK activation into one powerhouse package, providing strong support for AMPK activity, cellular detox, and metabolic health.
  • NAD+ Gold: NAD+ is the body’s premier longevity molecule, naturally present in every cell of the body and critical for DNA repair, energy production, and cell survival. By middle age, our NAD+ levels plummet to half that of our youth, impairing our bodies’ abilities to repair and regenerate. NAD+ Gold provides highly bioavailable NMN, the most direct precursor to NAD+. By supporting NAD+ production with NMN, we can enhance our energy and regenerative capacity, building a healthy new body from the inside out.
  • Methyl Charge+: Methylation is a biochemical process by which methyl groups are added to substances in the body, regulating metabolism and detoxification, among many other functions. A variety of nutrients are required for methylation, including B vitamins. Optimal methylation is also required for regenerating NAD+ in our bodies. Methyl Charge+ provides the vital nutrients needed to maintain robust cellular NAD+ levels, keeping metabolism and detox chugging along.
  • Ultra Binder: Our broad-spectrum binder “mops up” toxins that have been excreted into the gut, helping to prevent them from being recirculated throughout the body. Since no single binder has an affinity for all toxins, our formula contains an array of binding agents, including zeolite, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, chitosan, and our proprietary IMD® Intestinal Cleanse.
  • QuintEssential 3.3 Sachets: Many aspects of modern-day life–including stress and unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits–deplete our mineral levels, which compromises our ability to effectively detoxify and produce energy. QuintEssential 3.3 Sachets provide a concentrated solution of micro-filtered seawater designed to rapidly replenish mineral balance. The spike in essential minerals aids energy production, helping to revitalize the body and support alertness and stamina.
  • H2 Elite: Our advanced molecular hydrogen tablets support metabolism, energy, detoxification, and a balanced inflammatory response, helping to reset whole-body health. As part of the 30 Day Reset, we recommend that you take H2 Elite before workouts. Supplemental hydrogen has the unique ability to mimic the benefits of exercise and can be taken before your workout to help maximize the effects.

In addition to the use of Quicksilver’s proprietary supplements, good nutrition is an extremely effective tool for rebooting the body and supporting detoxification, metabolic health, and energy. Because one size doesn’t fit all, 30 Day Reset participants can choose between one of two nutritional plans—a low-carb approach or intermittent fasting. Both options can help fine-tune the body’s metabolic machinery, provide healthy blood sugar control, enhance fat-burning and balance energy levels. Exercise recommendations are based on Quicksilver’s deep dive into current research and will aid in jumpstarting the body’s healthy transformation.


One of the toughest aspects of sticking with any new routine is maintaining accountability. That is why the 30 Day Reset program comes with an accountability tracker to help keep motivation and spirits high. Participants will also have access to Quicksilver’s dedicated team, at any time and for any reason, during the 30 Day Reset.

Quicksilver Delivery Systems® utilizes modern science to unleash the curative power of nature. With the world’s most advanced phospholipid delivery systems, Quicksilver Scientific supplements can help to nourish cells and fortify the body as they deliver their core effective ingredients faster and more efficiently.

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