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The PushCatch® LiverDetox is a versatile two-step cleansing protocol designed to help support the liver. It is widely accepted that eliminating toxins and then minimizing their redistribution and reabsorption is essential for proper health. Other improperly designed protocols on the market can result in toxin redistribution, not elimination.

Our elegant and powerful formulation and delivery chemistry derive from Dr. Shade’s extensive research into detoxification pathways. In the body, powerful antioxidants buttress a liposomal blend of bitters to “push” toxins to the gut. There, natural binders “catch” the toxins so that they can be safely eliminated by the body. Our PushCatch® contains a broad-spectrum constellation of binders that are blended with uniquely soothing prebiotic fibers.



Additional information

  • Simple, Flexible, Scalable Detoxification System
  • Focuses on compounds that are harmful to the body
  • Safe elimination of toxins prevents toxin reabsorption and redistribution

Supplement Facts

Additional information

  • Simple, Flexible, Scalable Detoxification System
  • Focuses on compounds that are harmful to the body
  • Safe elimination of toxins prevents toxin reabsorption and redistribution

6 reviews for PushCatch® LiverDetox

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’ve struggled over the years and tried a lot of different treatments and detox protocols. Quicksilver’s push catch has delivered the best results by far. I was hesitant to try it at first because of my limited budget, but I can see now it has been well worth it.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Dr. K.

    I have used many detox products over the years for myself and my patients. Dr. Shade’s Push Catch has been the most effective while being easy to use and gentle on the body. I highly recommend this detox protocol.

  3. 5 out of 5


    This is by far the best option for someone that wants to start off with a detox. This is a fantastic entry level detox. Plus, it’s really nice that you get everything you need in the box. I’ve found this to be a very mild detox which does its job without making you feel ill or anything like that. Highly recommend this one.

  4. 3 out of 5


    Unfortunately Push/Catch was not a gentle experience for me. Prior to it, I was fully functional – working, exercising, alert, etc. It was also not my first experience with a cleanse.

    Per the advice of my doctor, I began to do Push/Catch as prep for Black Box II. I began the Push/Catch protocol slowly (1 tsp + Ultra Binder packet per day), and after a week and a half I had what I can best describe as a week-long viral reactivation.

    Since I tend to tolerate detoxes well, and since I have to wait ~ 3 months in between doctor visits (due to practitioner popularity), I conducted my own research. I discovered that some people react badly to the IMD in the ultra binder – Eureka! I contacted the customer service department and the rep confirmed QS has an Ultra Binder Low Sulfur that does not contain IMD. Awesome! However…..

    If this sensitivity is documented, it would have been helpful for QS to include info about the low sulfur substitution directly on the product page for Push/Catch. Since it’s always best to go “low and slow” when stating detoxes, I would have purchased the sauce + low sulfur binder separately instead of what was included in the kit. 

    Quicksilver team: Have you considered offering the Push/Catch kit with Ultra Binder Low Sulfur? Or allowing first-time kit buyers the ability to exchange the Ulta Binder for the Ultra Binder Low Sulfur?

  5. 5 out of 5


    This is probably one of the most well thought out approaches to detox to date. It’s complex in its delivery, yet simple to administer. It’s mild enough to not disrupt your daily life with unwanted “herx” reactions. I personally still have 5 amalgams in my mouth, but 1 month of this protocol has made a noticeable difference in a few areas I was struggling with. I still have a long road ahead of me but will be using this product on and off at different levels from now on. One thing I noticed was the timing of the “Push” and “Catch” are pretty important. Don’t wait too long past 30 min to “Catch” or you will start to feel a little “Crappy”. This is an excellent product and an excellent value! The delivery and the individual components can not be matched or replicated without spending 100s on individual products. And, you still would be lacking the same delivery and effectiveness. If you are worried about the binders causing constipation, I wouldn’t. I went into this mildly constipated and ended it with more consistent stools than before.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Daniel Nowak (verified owner)

    I started noticing results after the 2nd cycle. I have increased energy, signs of optimal hormone output, and improved digestion. I used it in combination with Glutathione and CBD Oil. My only slight complaint would be that Ultra Binder would make me quite constipated. Some days I would have no bowel movements.

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