Frequently Asked Questions


Are your products vegan?

Yes, our products with the exception of D3K2, Ultra Vitamin, UltraBinder, Cat’s Claw and Keto Before 6 (Propolis from bees) are vegan.

Are your products gluten free?

Yes, our products are tested to be free of gluten.

Are your products non-GMO?

Yes, our products are tested non-GMO.

Do your products contain soy?

The following products contain soy: Artemisinin, EDTA, Pure PC, The One, Vitamin C with R- Lipoic Acid, and ClearWay Cofactors.

Are your products organic?

Our products are not certified organic.

Do your products contain pesticides/herbicides?

We do third party testing on all our products to ensure the absence of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, etc.

I’m allergic to -ingredient name-. Will your products be safe for me?

All of our products are tested allergen-free but if you are allergic to an ingredient we advise not consuming the product unless a practitioner has stated that it will not be harmful for you.

Do your products contain sugar? What kind? How much?

None of our products contain any added sugar.

Do your products contain alcohol? What kind? How much?

Ethanol is essential in liposomal stability and is present in all of our products in quantities less than 20%.

Is corn used in the production of this ethanol?

As a company, we are committed to the highest quality Non-GMO ingredients for our products. The ethanol used in our products is derived from cane sugar and we have been using cane sugar-based ethanol for quite some time.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Freshness may be expected to be maintained for two years from date of manufacture.

My product looks different than last time I ordered it. What happened?

We maintain the integrity of all our products, however, sometimes the color of one product can change based on where we source our ingredients. The quality stays the same.

What is the dosage for your products?

All of the dosing information for our products is on the bottles or in the product information sheets listed on our website. We are not a clinic and cannot provide medical advice. Please contact your practitioner if you have more in-depth dosing questions.

What is Prop 65?

Proposition 65, officially known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, was enacted as a ballot initiative in November 1986. Proposition 65 requires the state to maintain and update a list of chemicals known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.

What is the lead content in the Ultra Binder?

The current FDA ruling is that heavy metals must be less than 10ppm/day for food and dietary supplements. Our Ultra Binder is routinely testing below 5ppm.

Why does your Ultra Binder tell me it can cause cancer/reproductive health problems?

Ultra Binder contains clay and charcoal as active ingredients, which are known to contain naturally occurring chemicals that can be dangerous in high amounts. Since Prop 65 has been enacted, we are required by law to make our customers aware of the presence of potentially harmful elements in this product.

Clay and Charcoal contain heavy metals. How is it going to detox me from heavy metals?

Clay and charcoal do naturally contain metals from the earth, however each batch of our product is tested for heavy metals by third party lab before releasing a product into inventory. We test for Arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, and chromium, and are well within the recommended daily allowance levels. Our UB tests lead at <10ppm (parts per million) and the current FDA ruling is for <10 ppm for food and dietary supplements.

What happens if I don’t refrigerate my Glutathione/C/CRLA/CoQ10?

We’ve found that most products remain stable for 30-60 days from opening. 30 days pertains to heat sensitive products (Vitamin C, Vitamin CRLA, Glutathione, CoQ10), which are sensitive to breakdown from oxygen. As oxygen degrades a liposome, absorption tends to slow deeming the product less effective than its label claim. Our room-temperature safe products are recommended for use within 60 days for the same reason. These liposomes tend to be a bit more durable and aren’t broken down as quickly/easily as that of heat sensitive compounds.

How will I know if my Glutathione/C/CRLA/CoQ10 went bad?

Liposomal quality and stability is visible and quite apparent. A degraded, spoiled liposomal product will appear thick, cloudy, and inconsistent in liquidity. Additionally, a damaged liposomal product may appear separated, similar to oil and vinegar separation.

What’s the difference between Original Quinton® and QuintEssential®?

Original Quinton and QuintEssential are the same product, in different packaging. We’ve found that not everyone likes to break the glass ampoule that Quinton comes in, so QuintEssential has a convenient pull-tab foil closure. The contents are the same.

What is the ppm content in H2 Elite?

Up to 10 ppm. A video of how our hydrogen is tested can be found here.

Are there any documented adverse effects from doing your detox protocols?

It is very important to note that everyone reacts to detoxing differently. Occasionally users report sulfurous flatulence that does not pass. It is typical to be gassy for a few days and then stabilize. Others have to use a low dose but are not able to titrate up the doses over time. These difficult cases usually have gallbladder blockages or kidney disorders.

How were these protocols created?

The protocols were designed through years of working with multiple practitioners and patients and their response to both the initial and follow-up mercury testing plus the patients’ reported response to the detox. That is the only way protocols like this can be developed.

I’m pregnant or breastfeeding. Can I still take your products?

Unfortunately, as manufacturers of the products we do not have the medical qualifications to answer that question. Please consult with a practitioner about this concern before consuming our products.


What is your Mercury Tri-Test?

Our tri-test is the only mercury speciation test that can differentiate methyl and inorganic mercury levels, as well as measure extraction through blood, hair, and urine.

What is the Blood Metals Panel?

The BMP is a basic blood test that measures levels of nutrient elements as well potentially toxic elements. A list of nutrients we test for can be found here.

What does the metals panel test for?

The BMP tests for nutrient elements Calcium, Copper, Lithium, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Selenium, Zinc, and potentially toxic elements Antimony, Arsenic, Cadmium, Cobalt, Lead, Mercury, Silver, Strontium.

Why doesn’t the metals panel test for aluminum/barium/titanium?

Dr. Shade used to include those in test results but felt that results in blood were unreliable and could be misleading so he took them out.

Why should I do one over the other?

The Mercury Tri Test is very specific to mercury, so we recommend this test for individuals who are aware or suspicious of past mercury exposure.

I’m bald. Can I submit hair from other parts of my body?

Absolutely. We can accept hair from anywhere on the body, as long as it has not been permed.

How much hair do you need?

We request 200-300 strands of hair, which is equal in thickness to a pencil lead.

I just dyed my hair. Is it okay to send it in?

Yes, the hair sample has not been compromised.

I just permed my hair. Is it okay to send in?

No. Chemicals used on permed hair can compromise the sample and render the results inaccurate.

Should I wash my hair before sending it in?

It does not matter if the hair is clean or dirty.

I live in New York. Can I order a test kit?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot. Due to New York State Department of Health regulations, our tests are not available without a doctor’s order.

I had my blood drawn in New York. Can I still send my blood in?

Due to New York State Department of Health regulations, Quicksilver Scientific cannot accept blood samples that were collected in New York.

I’m trying to order a test kit but I’m having a hard time. Why does your website keep telling me “shipping method not found”?

The following states are considered direct access testing (DAT) states, wherein you can order the test without having to have a practitioner order it for you. These states are: Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.


How do I register for a wholesale account?

Please use this link to register. We ask that you include an upload of your license, certification or your state ID tax number for account approval. Please be mindful, we ask that you allow our team 1-2 business days to either approve your account or to request additional information.

As a retail customer, do I have to create an account?

No, as a retail customer you will not have to create an account.

I have a wholesale account. Can I sell your products online?

We encourage the sale of our products on your website, however, we prohibit the resale of our products on Amazon/Ebay. We also require that our products be advertised at no more than 10% off retail price. Our UMAP policy can be found here.

I bought my -product name- from Ebay/Amazon and it arrived broken. Will you replace it?

We can only replace products that were purchased directly from us, please contact the reseller you ordered from.

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