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QSI Detoxification Foundations + Delivery Technology Course

QSI Detoxification Foundations + Delivery Technology Course

In today’s highly toxic environment, detoxification has become a cornerstone of functional medicine practice and there should always a goal of optimizing this for patients. For over a decade, Dr. Shade has researched core biological principles of detoxification including the development of a proprietary delivery technology, the invention of a mercury test that doesn’t require challenge testing and unique insights into the human detoxification system. Together, these have become Quicksilver’s core teaching. ​

In this course, practitioners will learn about these core components and gain a deeper knowledge on Quicksilver’s detox products, protocols and their clinical application. ​

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78 Trace Minerals






Quicksilver Detoxification Foundations + Delivery Technology Course

  • Quicksilver Delivery Systems® technology ​
  • Mastering Mercury ​
  • Beyond Mercury Challenge Testing and Quicksilver’s Mercury Tri-Test ​
  • Quicksilver’s Blood Metals Panel and Toxic Elements  ​
  • Clinical Detox Principles and Applications​
  • Quicksilver’s Detox Protocols

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