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Quinton® Action Plus Nasal Spray

Quinton® Action Plus Nasal Spray

Hypertonic saline solution (100 ml) made up of 60% natural seawater and 40% spring water, hypoallergenic, and preservative-free for acute nasal hygiene.

Quinton® Action Plus Nasal Spray provides a hydrating nasal mist derived from mineral-rich cold microfiltered seawater, designed to support nasal and sinus passage wellness and healthy breathing. Action Plus is designed for acute use, recommended for pre-operative nasal surgery, occasional cold symptoms, and seasonal discomforts to support passages. 

A hypertonic solution of approximately 2.1% sodium chloride. The raw material (seawater) undergoes a cold microfiltration process, following the physiologist and biologist René Quinton’s original protocol. This process guarantees the integrity of the mineral components present in seawater, producing a hypertonic solution with up to 78 elements and trace minerals from the periodic table in different proportions.

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Quinton® Action Plus Nasal Spray

Quinton Action Plus Nasal Spray

  • Mitigates endonasal swelling
  • Maintains healthy inflammatory actions in nasal mucosa
  • Aids mucociliary transport
  • Offers support in reduction of mucus viscosity

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Use 3-6 times a day. Suitable for adults and children 6 years and older.

  • Attach the nozzle to the bottle. Press the nozzle until it produces a spray.
  • Carefully insert the end of the nozzle into one nostril and tilt your head to the opposite side.
  • Press the nozzle and inhale until it is completely flushed.
  • Repeat the process in the second nostril.
  • When finished, wash the nozzle with soapy water.

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